Friday, June 9, 2017

Second Frugal Week of June 2017

It's been a busy week at the Frugal Workshop this week. 

On Monday I received two checks in the mail thanks to the reward programs I spend a few minutes using each day. 

The first check was from Inbox Dollars for $33.88. 

The second check was from SendEarnings for $28.82. 

I also earned $5.00 in Amazon gift cards from Microsoft Rewards. I now have $47.42 in gift cards from Amazon for this year. I'm saving them for something special like Christmas. 

Other things that happened this week include...

I earned $112.50  before fees on Ebay this week after selling three of the items I listed for sale last week. I paid $13.26 in Ebay fees on this amount and $4.75 in PayPal fees, so I paid a total of $15.16 in fees and brought home $97.34 on the $112.50 I made. 

I couldn't have made as much as I did on Ebay at the flea market or a yard sale, so I'm glad this option to sell online is available. I think all the tightwads shop at the flea market because they want to haggle with me on the price, which is what I do at yard sales. LOL

I also listed five other items up for sale on Ebay this week. I did a tiny bit of decluttering and decided to go ahead and see if I could sell them on Ebay. I'll only list them one time and if they don't sell, I will donate them to our local charity thrift store. I'm not willing to hold onto them any longer than that. 

I made five more cloth pads for my daughter this week. I asked her how many she wanted to have on hand and together we settled on thirty-five. That way she could go a whole week without doing a load of laundry if necessary. The chevron pattern above was one of my favorites. 

I made a new page for the Frugal Workshop on cloth pads. You can see it at the toolbar on the top of the page and here is a link to it if you're interested. Mostly stuff you've already read if you are a regular reader here, but for newbies they can find all the information in one place. 

While folding the laundry this week I found a pair of pants that needed a small section of the inseam restitched, so I picked up my thread and needle and stitched it together right then. No sense in putting little tasks like that off since I am off from school for the summer. 

On Thursday I made a large stockpot full of Taco Soup based on this recipe from the Prudent Homemaker. I like that it calls for ingredients I already had in my pantry. I did use fresh onions though since I had them on hand. 

My daughter did a CVS haul this week where she bought two tubes of Colgate toothpaste and a bottle of Dawn dishwashing liquid for 21¢. 

Here is a short video of her deal:

On Friday we went to several yard sales. 

Items we picked up included:

- 3 new glass bowls $2.00 (I broke one last week & needed replacement)
- Microwave cover - 10¢
- 3 music CDs - $3.00 (one was brand new/just released)
- 12 flannel blankets - $2.00, which was 17¢ each
- Fabric to make more cloth pads - $2.00
- Multiple textbooks to resell (some were free)
- 2 scrub shirts to make pads - 50¢
- Bag of 107 adorable quilt squares - $2.00
- Storage container on wheels for cat food - $3.00 (been looking for one of these for years - didn't want to pay retail)
- Battle of the Sexes board game - 50¢
- Lamp - $3.00 (to lighten up my sewing area)
- 2 brand new swimsuits - $3.00 (needed to replace dd's swimsuit top as chlorine stretched hers out) 
- French fry cutter - $1.00 (still in the box)

We had a great yard sale day.  :)
All in all we had a good week here at the Frugal Workshop. We hope you had a good week as well and have a wonderful weekend ahead.  :)

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. I am going to try Inbox Dollars. My DH was telling me one of the guys at work uses Google Rewards. It's an app for doing surveys. He earned $30 this week.

    I like flea markets. I don't go very often. I don't haggle. I am shy. I prefer to buy at Ebay. No haggling! :) I am the worst haggler in the world. I set my price point and don't pay over. I hardly do auctions. I will do auctions ocassionally. A couple of months ago I bought a Cricut cartridge I wanted for four years. It never went under $40. I found it for an auction for around $10. I thought I am bidding on that. I got it for $13 brand new.

    I think those cloth pads are soooo cute.

    It was a stay at home week all week. Tonight DH & I went shopping. I redoing my art studio. I needed more decorator boxes. I don't like to pay decorator prices. I was going to make do. Then I saw the cutest box at Dollar General that would have cost me $9 at Michaels. I saw it was $5 at DG. The cashier rang it up and I got it for $2.50. I was so excited.

    I had great coupons for pet food at WalMart. I saved over $7.00 on pet food for my babies. My DH wanted a video game. DH & I are big video gamer's. We found one of the games for $20. I told him to look it up at WM Online. It was $15. WM gave us the price match. Triple AAA brand new game for $15. Really great deal.

    Our best deal was a block of gourmet cheese marked at $10 for only $3. Nothing wrong with it.

    Last part of my book. :) I wanted to tell you that your blog inspires me so much. I have a blog page setup but haven't done nothing with it yet. I am going to start a frugal blog too. It will be a couple of months because I have two big home projects I am doing right now. I am excited about starting it. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Tell your DD she got me couponing like crazy again.

    1. I'll have to check out Google Rewards. I did not know about that one. How great that you got such a good deal on the Cricut cartridge. I've wanted one of those, but it is on the back burner for now.

      We haggled yesterday while doing yard sales. And 9 times out of 10 people will accept our offer. I love that.

      Thank you about the cloth pads. I really enjoy sitting down and making them. Makes me feel good to produce something we need and use everyday.

      What a great price on your decorator box at Dollar General. We love that store and have gotten so many great deals there. I love it when they have their clearance section at 50% off AND we have coupons. You can get some great deals!

      Kudos on the price matching at Walmart on the video game. That is great! You could have your own frugal blog and make money on the side with it. I'm so glad you find inspiration here. THat's what we are all here for. Learning how to do it for less.

      I'll have to tell My daughter that she has inspired you, she will be happy as a clam. :)

      Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Great earnings!

    It sounds like you found some excellent deals shopping at yard sales. I need to do that more often, but I have a hard time getting my family on board.

    1. Thank you, Busy Bee. We did find some great deals last week. I hope you can get your family on board soon. :)


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