Sunday, July 11, 2021

Saving Money with a Home Gym

2020  was the year that Bailey and I really became homebodies. Before that year the majority of our exercise was done at the YMCA, where my love of swimming helped me to stay limber and her love of Zumba had her exercising regularly. Then came the pandemic and going to the YMCA no longer worked for us or anyone else during that time. 

We have the great outdoors here where we could exercise, but weather extremes and wild animals often keep us from enjoying those activities. Although we do like to utilize our local walking track, that is a five mile drive.

Our Mini Home Gym

Workout Mat

Pedal Exerciser


Resistance Bands

Saving Money, Time and Gas

So, for an initial investment of several dollars, you can end up saving money over a gym membership and get your exercise whenever you want without having to leave your house. 

If you drive to go to a gym, you can save gas as well. 

When you don’t feel like leaving the warmth of your house to go running, or to drive to the gym, consider investing in some modestly priced exercise equipment. Having exercise equipment conveniently located in your home will help you stay in shape.

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  1. Good idea. I have never a 'gym' type person. Outdoor work and my basement stairs have given me exercise! I use the bottom of the stairs as a sort of stair master - up 3 and back down 3 - over and over. I also like to dance (no one sees me!). Turn up the music load and go for it.

    1. That’s great, Cheryl. I have never been an in gym type person either, but the swimming pool, yes. I would rather do water aerobics than on land aerobics. 😂

  2. The weather here is typically great for working out, but we do have days we can't be outside (due to fire, which is unfortunately becoming all too common). I have an elliptical machine, which we bought last year. It wasn't terribly expensive, and six months of gym membership would pay for it. We haven't gone to the gym in 15 months due to COVID, so we are definitely coming out ahead.

    I like to walk & run outside, meet friends for hikes. At home, I have weights & an exercise mat, as well as DVDs for yoga & strength workouts.

    1. Oh, that’s great about the weather there usually. I know you all are having fire and smoke issues right now and I hope those end very soon.

      The elliptical machine sounds good and it’s nice to already have that pay for itself. Thank you for mentioning the DVDs, there are also free ones on YouTube as well.

  3. I have never liked going to a gym. I normally just walk two miles a day briskly and do some dumbbell work for my upper body. Now we have red tide so no more walks for now. In the meantime I have a weight bench that I'm using to get a full workout. I agree with you, it's great to be able to workout at home!

    1. 2 miles a day walk is great, Martha. I hope the red tide goes away soon. I’m glad you are able to exercise inside until her.

  4. I have all I need for exercise but am so undisciplined.

  5. None of those links showed up! I don't like going to a gym. I used to run up and down the stair repeatedly. And, I have walked and used to ride my bike. Right now, I can barely do anything.

    1. Thank you for letting me know about the links. I love to swim and hope to do that very soon.

  6. Great idea, good for you. xx

  7. I walk the nieghboorhood and swim. We have a gym membership through my husband's work, but it has been awhile since we used it.

    I watch a lot of work out videos, does that count?? ;-)


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