Friday, February 12, 2021

Frugal Friday

Welcome to Friday! We had a couple of inches of snow here on Saturday night, but it was already melting by Sunday morning. The weather can't decide if it wants to be hot or cold as we had to turn the a/c on Tuesday as it was really warm in the house. It's the type of weather where you have one blanket on and one blanket off and keep going back and forth between the two. LOL

Quote of the Week

"How simple and frugal a thing is happiness: a glass of wine, a roast chestnut, a wretched little brazier, the sound of the sea. . . . All that is required to feel that here and now is happiness is a simple, frugal heart."
Nikos Kazantzakis

Earning Money

Bailey picked up a Tommy Hilfiger comforter a while back and washed and stored it in one of our closets. It sold this week for $165.00. She was so thrilled. It definitely pays to buy and hold on to some things. 

Did We Avoid Spending Money?

This was another week where we stayed home, and therefore didn't need to use any gas in our cars. I would love to say we didn't spend any money but I did buy some cat food, popcorn, and spices online.

We will however, avoid spending any money for Valentine's Day. Even the schools got in on that this year. V day is on Sunday, so no school and Monday is President's Day, which is also no school. So, they made the decision county-wide to not accept any Valentine's gifts for students. I think it's a great idea and helps some students not to feel left out. 

Frugal Activities

I had been letting my hair grow out lately, but then it seems like all of a sudden it starts to bother me, so I gave myself a haircut this week. It feels so much better and it's so easy to wash when it's shorter. That saves money on shampoo and I don't need to condition it when it's short. we have well water here that is very soft and I don't need to use conditioner when it's shorter.

This week I decided to shampoo one of the rugs in our bathroom that is too big for the washer, and  I also decided to shampoo the carpet in the living room and hallway using Bailey's new shampooer. We use this Febreze carpet shampoo, which makes the whole house smell good even though it is used sparingly. 

I cleaned out from under my bed this past week. There were a couple of things I was storing under there that I had listed for sale on eBay, and I decided they weren't going to sell and wanted to declutter under there. 

Last week I ordered something from Vitacost, but ended up getting distracted and left the items in my shopping cart overnight. The next day Vitacost emailed me a coupon for 10% off what was in my cart, so I used the coupon and saved myself 10%. I thought I would mention it just in as someone wanted to try this tip. 

Saving Money In My Frugal Kitchen

In April of 2020, I ordered twelve pounds of white popcorn from Blain's Fleet & Farm. I used the last of that popcorn on Sunday evening. So, twelve pounds of popcorn lasted us ten months. At that time I ordered six of the two pound bags, so seven or eight of them should last us one year. Popcorn is a very affordable snack. 

When I made Chicken Enchiladas this week I added a poblano pepper that I had lurking in the refrigerator in order to use up that item and it added a nice flavor to the enchiladas. The recipe made ten enchiladas and we ate four for dinner along with a salad, which left six for another lunch and/or dinner. 

A jar of rosemary that I ordered from Amazon came last week, broken in the package, so I let them know it was damaged. A new bottle arrived on Monday in good condition to replace the  broken one. 

We've been making sure to use up items in our pantry. We emptied two different bottles of ranch dressing, a package of onion soup mix, two boxes of gelatin. one box of tea bags, and a  bottle of barbeque sauce.

Supercook is an app you can put on your smartphone. It's one of those websites, now available in an app for your phone, that you can type in ingredients from your kitchen and it will give you recipes using them. 

I like that I can have it on my phone now as I can use it when I don't have access to my computer like when I'm in the grocery store. It's a good tool to use up those ingredients lurking so they don't go to waste, which will save you money. 

Meals This Week:

Takeout Local Pizzeria
Chicken & Vegetable Sir Fry with Rice
White Chicken Enchiladas
Turkey & Dressing
Cheeseburgers, Oven Fried Potatoes, Tomatoes, Pickles, Onions, Lettuce
Spaghetti with Salad and Garlic Bread
Beanie Weenies - I used two pounds of dried navy beans and made a big batch of these. Some for more than one meal and some for the freezer. 

Saving on Entertainment

This week I have been watching Kevin Can Wait on Amazon Prime. It's certainly no King of Queens, but I like Kevin James and find him funny in this sitcom as well. 

For movie night we watched Joy, which is the 2015 film about the life of Joy Mangano, a self-made millionaire who created her own business empire, which began with a self-wringing mop. 

Bailey really likes this movie and has watched it several times. I thought it was slow paced at times going into too much detail about her toxic family life although I did like the fact that she went from rags to riches by creating something she invented. 


My favorite shopping rebate site, which used to be called Ebates, is now called Rakuten. This site allows you to shop online at your favorite stores and get automatic cash back. If you use our referral link here you can help support this blog. Plus if you sign up with this link, you can get a $20 cash back bonus.

If you're interested, Publix is offering free cooking classes online. 

Another free calendar came in the mail this week just as I was thinking I needed to order one for menu planning, and now I won't have to do that. 

How was your week? We would love to hear all about it in the comment section. 

~ Living within our Means ~
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  1. I can't keep up with all the cash back apps! I'll give Rakatan a look. I love popcorn so that would be a good deal for me. Stovetop cooked is the best. We had a no waste week on the food front-which makes me happy as so many people havefood insecurity it seems like a big insult to not plan to use all the food I bring in the house. Bailey's Instagram intro was lovely!

    1. Thank you, Sam. I will be sure to tell Bailey you said so.

      I agree that stovetop cooked popcorn is the best. It's all we ever had growing up.

      I like the no waste weeks. I'm using up some turkey and dressing for dinner today because I do not want to waste it. It was a money maker back in November, so it is on the menu so I can clear it out of the freezer.

  2. You buy popcorn like I buy sweet I don't even eat popcorn, but now I want some.

    1. We love popcorn here,, it's tender when cooked on the stovetop.

      We have several pounds of sweet potatoes in the pantry too. They are so good and I've noticed the smaller ones in the smaller bags are so sweet right now. We've been enjoying them immensely.

  3. Sounds great Belinda and nice menu plan this week. Popcorn is definitely a frugal and healthy snack. Let's see... I cut my own hair this week and gave myself a home spa day. The only place I've gone was the grocery store for the first time this month, only spent $98. Thin pork chops were BOGO so I grabbed two packs with twelve in each for only $7 to add to my freezer stock. Oh and zero food waste. Have a great weekend!

    1. That's great Martha! Sounds like you had a good and frugal week too. I love it. :)

  4. Sounds like a frugal week. Great sale on the comforter.
    Your girl sure knows her stuff!
    Your meals sound delicious too. I love enchiladas so thanks for the recipe.
    I can't think of Joy Mangano without hearing her talking about the rollypolly. :)
    Have a great weekend. Stay warm as I think it will be cold and icy.

    1. Thank you, Kathy. She was thrilled. Yes,, on Joy and the rollypolly. lol

      You stay warm too this weekend. I'm sitting here wrapped in a blanket.

  5. What an awesome sale for the comforter! I too love popcorn. Sometimes my husband takes the kids to soccer practice in the evening, & I pop it as a snack & watch a movie. It's the only time I'm alone in our house, and it's bliss!

    I use Rakuten a lot. I just had to order a laptop, and was able to click through & earn a bit back. If you ever buy gift cards on Raise, you can first click through Rakuten, to save just a bit more.

    1. Good deal on the computer thru Rakuten. Thanks for the tip on Raise. I will be sure to check that out too.

  6. Not really big snacker's here. But that popcorn sounds like a really good deal.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, Jackie. It is definitely a good deal/money saver.

  7. Popcorn can be a super healthy snack when not covered in butter. Lol.

    How did you guys go through so many pounds of it tho!?!?

    1. We don’t put butter on our popcorn. We order the white popcorn kernels, which are tender and flavorful, so no butter is needed. Like you said, butter would make it unhealthy.

      We used six (2 pound bags) bags in ten months. Do you really think that is a lot? That is a little over half a bag per month. I don’t think that is very much at all. Especially when you consider we don’t buy potato chips, Doritos, or Cheetos type snacks on a regular basis.

      Our healthy snack food is popcorn and it is a healthy alternative to unhealthy snack foods and it saves money, a win win in my book.

  8. At one time I was putting canned goods on the counter to remind me to use them that week. I think I'll do that again to help use things in the pantry.
    We love popcorn too so when I saw this big box of microwave popcorn at a discount store for around $3.00 I grabbed it. The only thing is that it came from Mexico and it tasted kind of peppery. It was a name brand though but I couldn't read everything on the box. Probably that's how they like it there. Thought you would enjoy that weird store about my popcorn deal. Your right it is a very frugal snack and healthy too!

    1. How interesting, Vickie. There is a large Hispanic population in the town where we go to the flea market. There are all sorts of interesting dishes that sell at the flea market like that. Lots of fruity drinks with real fruit, Mexican corn on the cob. It is very interesting. That was a good deal you got in on too.


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