Thursday, April 9, 2020

Online Ordering During a Pandemic

We've been having trouble being able to order some items we need like consumables because many of them are out of stock. This has involved both outside store pick up and online ordering with shipping to our home. 

As a result, recently we've been using some companies that we don't normally do business with to purchase things. And we are willing to pay for shipping because we are not going inside any stores due to COVID-19 risks. 

One thing we have learned from this pandemic is that if you see something online and you need it,  to go ahead and order it because it may not be there or may be out of stock when you go looking for it again. 

We purchased this box of 96 toilet paper rolls for 50¢ each, but now the company website has been taken down and is no longer available. I don't know if these companies are fly by night companies or are just overwhelmed with how many orders they're getting. 

We bought ten pounds of white popcorn from Blain's Farm & Fleet. At $1.99 for two pounds I considered this a good deal. I've been satisfied with the service we have received from them and will continue to use them in the future as a result. 

We ordered some sugar from Fleet Farm but when it came several of the bags had broken open during shipment. They made good on them though and replaced those bags.  

However, they are not even listing sugar on their website at the time of this post and from what I can tell they've stopped offering to ship any of their food items. 

So, I called them and was told they were overwhelmed with online ordering of consumables and removed the option to ship those items from their website. 

They are working on this and hope to offer them for shipment again soon. I will order from them in the future because I thought their shipping was very reasonable. 

Also in the good news department, several stores have decided to reopen their online stores. The Dollar Tree has reopened their online ordering and shipping. And Hurst beans has said they are going to reopen their online store soon, which is great news!

Have you had any dealings regarding this? 

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  1. I have definitely had to make substitutions for things that I normally buy, and have made sure to stock up so that I won't be without if things run out. I had to buy a different brand of dog food, as the one I normally order was out of stock. When I got the notice that it was finally back in stock, I ordered four bags instead of my normal two, because it is the only food we've found that doesn't cause our dogs' dermatitis to flare up, and we don't want to be caught without again. I also bought two more cases of those half gallon jars as they went on sale, this time from Tractor Supply co, as Walmart was already out of stock.

    1. I bought two cases of those half gallon jar from Rural King online as they were on sale too. That was a great sale.

      I'm glad you were able to get 4 bags of your dog food, so he doesn't suffer. :)

  2. I hve not ordered anything foodwise on line. I did find sugar at bogo at publix, so I have 20 lbs and rarely use sugar.

  3. I found a place in the city that will deliver fresh veggies and fruit. Kind of pricey but worth it. Probably will never do it again after this is over but it sure is great to get bananas, apples, etc.
    I'm going to look up Rural King now.

    1. Good deal, Vickie. That is terrific that you can get those items delivered. We are having items, like the prescription, delivered here too and probably won't do it again after this is over too. It's worth it to try and be as safe as possible right now. I think you'll like Rural King. :)

  4. Contninue encouraging us to live a life that meets our needs.

    This morning, I blessed God for falling rain encouraging plants/trees of food and beauty. We order nothing to be delivered and do not in-store shop; however, DH gets prescriptions from the outside window of a store. So thankful for my planned pantry.

    My Memphis Metro city is sheltered in. Only necessary businesses have permission to serve my community as of Friday, April 10.

    Praying we all live wisely each day.
    -memphis metro


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