Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday End of the Week Recap

This has been a fun week for us as my daughter Bailey had a birthday and turned 21 years old on Wednesday. 

We went to the Zoo to celebrate that day. 

Here are a few photos & videos from that day. 

Here is a video of the Red Panda at the Chattanooga Zoo:

Alligators. They had just put some crickets out for them to eat. 

Here is a photo and video of the milk frogs:

 Snow Leopard:

Other things we did included browsing through Barnes and Noble and Whole Foods to look around. 

We also stopped at Starbucks to sit on their patio. It was cool at 61 degrees and they had the fire going, it was so nice. 

On another note, our Black Walnut tree is loaded this year:

We weren't as frugal this week as we normally are due to celebrating her birthday, but we will be back on track next week for sure. 

I hope you've had a terrific frugal week and enjoy your weekend immensely. We are loving the cooler weather and spending much more time outdoors. 

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. I thought that snake was plastic. Eek! Yes I browse through those expensive stores also.

  2. what a great week. That all sounds like so much fun.
    Happy birthday to your daughter.
    LOVED the pictures!!

  3. Happy birthday to Bailey!
    It sounds like you had such a fun day, but that snake looks scary!

  4. Happy Birthday Bailey! Sounds like you had a great day!!

  5. Happy birthday to your daughter, Belinda! It sounds like you two had a wonderful time.

  6. Happy Birthday, Bailey! Being at Chattanooga Zoo is a celebration. Thanks for the photos and video. I first saw a red panda at Memphis Zoo. Beautiful tail. You have black walnut trees on your land?

    1. THank you, Anna. Bailey says thank you too. Yes, we do have black walnut trees on our land here. We are supposed to have a persimmon tree here too, but I've not seen it.

  7. I think I've been to that Starbucks! Holy cow, that brought back memories. We swung through there while on a trip with my mom; she used to want to go to all sorts of fun places when she came down to visit us in Tennessee. We had breakfast there by the fireplace one morning. :)

    Happy birthday to your daughter!!!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie. We do the same thing on birthdays. Go to all sorts of fun places like this. It makes birthdays more fun.

  8. Happy birthday to your daughter!! What a fun outing! I need to go to our zoo, haven't been for decades!!

    1. Thank you so much. The zoo is a lot of fun. :)


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