Sunday, October 15, 2017

Second Frugal Week of October 2017


Shrimp Dish

My friend Patti (Hi Patti!) sent me three meals from the Hello Fresh Company and we made the first one of them for dinner on Monday.

This week is Fall Break for the school system here, so I won’t be working at school, but am working at home. I spent the morning sewing and created a new pad pattern in the hopes of selling them, and I also made a new doll quilt in the hopes of selling them for Christmas.

Two trees fell across our driveway in the rain that came our way from the latest Hurricane. These were too big for us to handle by ourselves and needed a chainsaw, so my BIL Jody came over and removed them.


Since I had the week off I made several routine doctor appointments this week and Monday was the first one of those. Since I was in town anyway, I needed to run to the grocery store for onions.

One of the trips I made was to Walmart and found chicken breast on yellow clearance stickers. They were marked down to $1.35 a pound, so I picked up three packages. 

I came home and put one package in the crockpot for a few hours and then added some BBQ sauce and made BBQ chicken sandwiches for dinner. I put the other two packages in the freezer to use later.

I also found bananas on yellow clearance stickers for 25¢ a pound and bought two bags of those.


Bean & Cheese Enchiladas

I stayed home on Tuesday and spent no money. I made another doll quilt to sell. I also made Bean & Cheese Enchiladas for dinner.


We had a Pizza mystery shop to do for today, so that turned into dinner for the family.  

I received a free package of cat food from the Purina Rewards cat food program. 

I had an appointment for a mammogram this morning. I also went by Food City to pick up a prescription.


I stayed home again on Friday and spent no money. I took some of the leftovers in the refrigerator and put them into individual servings, labeled them, and put them in the freezer. We have plans this weekend to go out and do things and I don't want to lose any of the food I've prepared this week. 

How was your week?

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. Great bargains to be sure! We really like BBQ poultry (chicken or turkey) pulled pork type sandwiches.

    1. Thank you, Carol. We really liked the BBQ sandwiches too, it's the first time I made them with chicken. Definitely one to add to our menu rotation. :)

  2. I hope there was no damages from the fallen trees, Belinda.

    I didn't go to stores all week, so the week was really frugal. :)

  3. Thank you, Nil. And that was VERY frugal not to go to the stores all week. :)

  4. You had a productive week. What were your thoughts about the food from Hello Fresh?

    Dd and I did our bi-weekly Aldi's run yesterday. I hope we can continue it for awhile, but with MA weather you never know. I was lucky enough to pick up a package of Chicken Italian Sausages (6) with a $2 off sticker so I only paid $1.59 for it. Also 1/2 price English muffins. Every little bit helps.

    Glad you had no damage to your home from the trees. That can be so scary.

    Have a good week!

    1. My thoughts about the food from Hello Fresh are...I would not normally cook meals like this, but I love the fact that they include ALL the ingredients for each meal, that was really neat. I froze the meat from my other two meals because I didn't want to cook those right away due to the fact that they were unfamiliar recipes. I felt like I had to cook them right away or freeze them, so I choose to freeze them. I went ahead and cancelled my membership for these reasons, but we did enjoy this one meal I've cooked so far.

      What a great price on the chicken Italian sausages! And half off the English muffins is great. Aldi is just the best for things like that. I love their produce.

      Thanks so much Mary Lou, I hope you have a good week too. :)

  5. Sounds like a great week. Hope you are enjoying dome off time from school.
    Hopefully no damages, and someone got some needed firewood!

    My big frugal this week was staying away from all stores and using what we have.
    Have a blessed week.

    1. Thank you, Cheryl. You are the second person to say that you stayed out of the stores this week That's the way to do it for sure. :)

      Hope you have a blessed week too. :)

  6. Sounds Iike a busy week off.

    I’ve never tried Hello Fresh, but my sister in law loves it. (Or something similar.). That was a great price on chicken breasts, by the way!

  7. Thank you, Shara. I can definitely see why someone would love the Hello Fresh company. :)

  8. Hi Belinda,
    The shrimp meal looks yummy :) It is a lot of slicing dicing.Glad You had a great frugal week off.:)

    1. Thank you, Patti, and thank you for sending it to me. It was really good and right up my daughter's alley, she loves shrimp and sauces with pasta like that. She loves fettuccine Alfredo, so I knew she would like this one.

      Hope you have a great week!

  9. We pulled and preserved our Rainbow carrots. If only they retained their brilliant colors after pressure-canning! But they don't (although there is some color variation).

    Pictures at:


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