Thursday, October 19, 2017

Birthday Celebration!

Tuesday was my daughter's 20th birthday. My daughter loves to eat out, so that was definitely part of her birthday celebration. I took her out to Red Lobster for all you can eat endless shrimp. I bought the gift card from Swagbucks and snagged 300 Swagbucks in the process. 

She loves to receive gifts, but she also likes experiences too, so I made sure to include a couple for her birthday. She loves to go to the tea room in Chattanooga, but unfortunately they lost their lease this summer and closed. They do have a different one in Ooltewah, so I made a reservation and we went there on her birthday also. 

We also took a trip to the Chattanooga Zoo for her birthday and had so much fun. Here is a photo of the jaguars sleeping in the sun. We were able to get right up next to them.  :)  

It was back to school for her on Wednesday and I was able to sub for the day. We also were able to get her a free birthday dinner on Wednesday since a local restaurant is closed on Tuesdays, she was able to get it the next day.  

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter!
    You did a great job of keeping it frugal, too, Belinda! I bet she really enjoyed all of the special treats and excursions. I'm glad you have a back-up tea room. Is it very far from you?

    1. Thank you, Lili. No, it is not very far from us at all...only about 28 miles, so definitely within my scope of travel. I don't like to travel far from home, but this is OK with me. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Bailey! You did great Belinda with all the special treats for her. She must have been thrilled and totally enjoyed her birthday!

    Love the photo of the big kitties sunbathing!

  3. Thank you, Mary Lou. She had a great birthday she said, so I'm happy about that. We did love the big kitties.

  4. Ahh, Happy birthday to your daughter.
    Memories that will last her a lifetime! Great job.

  5. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Looks like she had a nice birthday. You are such a great MOm!!

    Enjoy, Janie

    1. Thank you, Janie. That means a lot to me. :)


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