Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Today is my first day of Summer Break. We have 75 days until school starts again in August. I have made myself a Summer-To-Do-List of things I want to accomplish this summer. I've already been working on this list this morning.  

We started the day by making breakfast. I cut up the watermelon and cantaloupe we bought this week and made some diced, oven baked potatoes to go along with them. Afterwards, I washed all the dishes and started gathering the garbage together. 

My older car has been out of commision for a few weeks as my BIL was working on it, so finally out of desperation, I made several phone calls and finally found someone to come and pick up this load of garbage, which to me is money well spent. My BIL called last night to say the car was ready, so we will  be picking it up soon and will be able to haul the garbage off ourselves again after today. 

On Monday, my daughter and I ventured out on the Memorial Day holiday to get in on a few coupon deals. 

One of them was the Nivea body wash (which I love!) from Target. Using coupons we printed online, coupons for Nivea printing as we bought them (therefore combining a manufacturer coupon with a Target coupon), and a $5 Target card when you bought four, we were able to buy 12 bottles of Nivea body wash for 74¢ each.  Sweet!

The next deal we went for was a Purex deal from Walgreens. We bought eight packages of 18 count Purex packs (2 were bottles) for 44¢ each using coupons we printed online. 

Again, I use to print my coupons. 

Needless to say, we are stocked up on these items for a long time.  :)

I've already got laundry going this morning, and have dinner in the crockpot cooking as well. I put some boneless country pork ribs along with some barbeque sauce in there. Sides are yet to be determined. 

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  1. Great deals, Belinda!

    How funny -- you already have a count for when school begins again! We're still counting down the days to the end of the year. But actually, my day and wake-up schedule will remain the same, as both daughters work on campus, and need a ride early in the AM to catch a bus. But I understand how your schedule changes with summer break from teaching.

    Sounds like a good start to the summer, for both you and daughter.

    1. Thank you, Lili. I am looking forward to getting some much needed things done. I started out by making several doctor appointments to get those out of the way, so we can enjoy ourselves. lol We are off this afternoon to our second one already.

  2. well done on the deals. Wish we had such good deals here in Canada.

  3. As ever, you saved cash with bargains and coupons. :)

    Are you gardening this summer? Local botanic garden sponsors a farmer's market every Wednesday from 2-4 pm. A bonus is that there is always a musician to entertain. With plenty of shady trees, it is pleasurable to take along tubed folding chairs. Free admission to gardens during the market, as well.

    Have you tried Chattanooga Cookbook's popover recipe that is mixed in a blender? When my 2 oldest were young'ns in Chattanooga, I served them at least once weekly. Helen Exum's cookbook remains a favorite.

    Happy summer days ... anna


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