Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Thrifty Tuesday

Saving on Gas

Welcome to Thrifty Tuesday where our day started out right. I am not working today, so my daughter had an easy morning. We leave later on days I don't sub, which she loves. I dropped her off at school and went and filled up my gas tank. The price per gallon is creeping up, but I checked the prices at the seven stations I pass on my way to school, and I filled up at the cheapest station, paying $2.26 per gallon. I saved 11¢ per gallon or $1.98 by checking the prices of the stations as I drove up the highway. 


I came home and got started right away on laundry. We washed everything this weekend except for the towels, so they are being cleaned now. I also cleaned the bathroom again today. My spray bottle (reused bottle) of homemade cleaner was getting low, so I filled it with half vinegar & half water and sprayed everything & wiped down all the surfaces. While I was at it, I filled the fabric softener dispenser in the washing machine with vinegar too, which helps get rid of any soap residue, which leaves the towels feeling softer. 

Then, I scrubbed the bathtub with a mixture of baking soda and liquid soap that I make into a paste. Using this mixture with a scrub brush gets the bathtub/shower floor very clean. I also cleaned the inside of the commode with hydrogen peroxide which kills germs as well as bleach, but does not bother my family (asthma) the way commercial cleaners and bleach bother them. Also, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda save me money over using commercial cleaners. 

Dinner Tonight

Dinner tonight will be Chef AJ's Red Lentil Chili. I already have it cooking in the electric pressure cooker. I'll serve it over baked potatoes for those that want them along with some broccoli on the side. 

What are you having for dinner tonight?

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  1. dh wanted to eat out and so we did. I am very weary again today. Like the look of your supper, but not a fan on chili.

  2. Gas prices are about the same for me. Where do you find the cheapest cleaning vinegar? Maybe it's a national store I am not using.

    1. Oftentimes I will buy it at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 although it is in the 64 ounce size, so a smaller bottle than a one gallon bottle. I blogged about it here before:


    2. Thanks for your blog link about Dollar Tree vinegar. I had read it but forgot date.


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