Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Frugal Week

The Facebook yard sale groups have been particularly beneficial to us recently. On Monday I met a lady in town to buy a shrug for my daughter after finding it advertised on a local group. I also met a lady on Wednesday evening to pick up several other items. One of them was a red shirt that will go with the shrug. 

Total for the two items was $5.00, I paid $4.00 for the shrug, and $1.00 for the shirt. My daughter is going to wear this instead of the flowery one I pictured last week for a dressy event coming up at school. All she needs now are some dress slacks and shoes. 

I also sold two things I advertised on the same Facebook group. I had both items listed on Ebay, but they didn't sell, so selling them on the yard sale group worked out great because I earned $15.00 from the combined sales and didn't have to pay any Ebay or PayPal fees. 

I met both people at the same location, one that I was going to anyway, Walgreens, so I didn't have to go out of my way or waste any gas. Mom came along with me, so she could pick up a prescription, get her flu shot and I went inside to pick up three cans of salmon, which Walgreens has on sale for $1.99 this week with a limit of three.  

On another note, I have a purple laundry basket that has seen better times. Every time I picked it up it would sort of collapse because all four corners were split. I took some purple duct tape and fixed all the cracks and splits, which has made it more durable. Now when I pick it up, it is much more stable. 

I have a yellow hamper that I did the same thing with years ago and it has lasted so much longer because I took care of it by stopping it from cracking any more with the duct tape. It may not be beautiful, but it has been very functional like this for over five years now. 

Ebay sent me a $25 off coupon for being a new seller last month. Of course, I spent it on necessities and bought three packages of Stayfree to add to my pantry. 

Other frugal things we did this week include:

Cleaning the kitchen sink with baking soda. 

Hanging up our towels after a shower to dry and reuse them. The towels are just wet, not dirty, and just need drying.

Perused the sale ads online Wednesday to see what food items are on sale this week. There wasn't anything on sale that I would stock up on this week, so I will wait and see what next week brings. The feeling of knowing that I don't have to go to the grocery store is very freeing. We have enough food in the house to last us until I decide to shop again. 

It's been cool enough here that we've not had to use the air conditioning, but not so cool that we have to have the heat on either. Also, we have been hanging our laundry to dry on our homemade drying racks since the dryer broke two weeks ago. As a result, we should see a significant reduction in this month's electric bill. 

All meals have been eaten at home this week, which saves us a lot of money. I'll be making a post about that later in the week. 

I made a birthday card for my Dad this week. I used the website to learn how to fold a $10 bill into an origami heart and made him a card with this inside.  I also baked him a chocolate birthday cake to celebrate. 

We have plans to go out tomorrow and yard sale, so stay tuned for any bargains we happen to come across. 

How has you week been so far? Any frugal activities you would like to talk about? I would love to hear about it in the comment section. 

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  1. Belinda, you have had a lovely and fruitful frugal week. I do like the $5 outfit for DD, and what a bargain. Now on to shoes and accessories.

    Good use of duct tape with added years of service.

    I do not use canned salmon but know you have yourself a bargain. Could not help but wonder why your mother did not also get the 3-can limit. Perhaps you had coupons for 3 cans making it the bargain it was with stacking.

    The EBay $25 reward was used well. That is another reward for your household.

    Hanging clothes to dry is done the world over. Allergies prevent my hanging clothes. Before allergies, I used clothes lines. Hanging inside leaves a mustiness on laundry here, so I avoid that, as well. What do we savers do? Find another way to compensate, and compensate we do.

    I went to the site explaining how to fold paper money as a gift. Thanks for the enjoyable time spent there and for the clever ideas I found. Your dad willbe pleased with his folded cash gift. Appreciate the time you spend to then forward us to saving sites. I read, read, read, always expecting to learn more.

    1. Thank you! We went out today and found her some more clothes for some really great prices too. I'll blog about them asap.

      Mom doesn't enjoy cooking and never really has - she came out with two bags of candy instead of canned salmon, lol. She did ask me when I was going to make salmon patties though. ;)

      I don't hang our clothes outside due to allergies either. I know exactly what you mean about that. My daughter has been having a hard time with her asthma this week due to the humidity and ragweed right now.

      Glad you enjoyed the paper money folding sight. Glad you are enjoying reading them. Hope you have a great day. :)

  2. I love "yard sale" groups. I find them easier to use than attending actual yard sales.

    Great find on the salmon. I love salmon cakes!

    1. Thanks, Shara. I like the new yard sale groups too. I find that I can get more money from them than I can from a real yard sale. :)

      I love the salmon patties too.


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