Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tuesday ~ 9-2-2014

Today was a hot day in southern Tennessee! 

When I got in my car after school the thermometer read 121 degrees. 


I'm ready for some cooler weather. 

I worked in 6th grade today, all day, with the best group of students. They were so good for me that I would love to do it all over again tomorrow. 

Ebay Sales & Post Office

After school I had to go by the post office and mail two packages. My first two sales on Ebay. I earned a total of $25.19, but spent $12.30 on postage, so my total in the end was $12.89. The $12.30 was the only thing I spent money on today.


For a variety of reason, we have made the decision to get rid of our chickens. One of the reasons is because the cost of feed had gone up and I was spending $25.00 every other month or so on feed. Another reason is that they stopped laying eggs over a year ago and have never started again. I can buy a lot of eggs for the $25.00 I was spending on feed every other month. 

For those of you that might be worried about them, we gave our chickens to a good family that is enjoying them so much. I loved our chickens and would love to have more again one day, but a different breed for sure. The breed we had prior to these chickens were very good layers and that is what I would like to go with again someday. But like I said this was for a variety of reasons, not all that I've mentioned here. Someday the time will be right to have them again. 

Food Today

Breakfast consisted of grilled cheese sandwiches with grapes fixed at home this morning. My daughter could get free breakfast at school, but she chooses not to do that. 

They also give free lunch to students which today consisted of nacho chicken fajitas with side salad, watermelon, and grapes. My lunch was peanut butter and crackers.   I think she got the better end of the deal. ;)

I was hungry after school and still had an hour to kill before I picked up my daughter at her school. I was tempted to order a sandwich and drink from Sonic, but I didn't. I told myself that I was going to be home before too long and could make something then. So no money spent there today. 

Mom made dinner for us tonight...Grilled Hamburgers and Potato Chips. It was good and I'm grateful I didn't have to cook dinner tonight. 

How was your day today? 

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  1. It was killer hot here in NC, too.

    I'm afraid I didn't have a no spend day since it was Sam's Club stock up time, but I did go in prepared with a list and found almost everything on it. This time I actually went online to look at the exact prices first and knew exactly what I'd be spending when I went in. It worked well enough I'll probably do it again next time.

    I probably shouldn't admit this but our lunch was a bowl of cereal each. It was hot and we were on a time crunch. Neither of us wanted anything heavy so cereal fit the bill. I did do better for supper though and made a chicken/rice dish. I used food storage items and it was quite good. (We had just enough left for lunch today.)

    1. Did you get the Pom Bath Tissue that people are talking about being on sale, Shara? I may have to go get some of that.

      I need to make a trip to Sam's. I am out of the big jars of pickle relish and since Walmart stopped carrying them, I need to go there to get more. It's a good idea to plan ahead on what you're getting before you go.

      Cereal is the perfect dinner sometimes. :0)

    2. I did pick up two boxes of it. We haven't tried it before, but toilet paper is toilet paper. It took me years to convince hubby that we didn't have the most expensive and fluffiest stuff since we were literally flushing it away. Now that he's finally on board I try to save in every way I reasonably can.

      On that note we have a friend who is an engineer and he is adamant that the fluffy stuff is horrible for your septic/sewer system.

      I hate when Walmart carries things for a while and then I am quite a creature of habit.

    3. I am a creature of habit too. I've checked several Walmarts and cannot find it anymore and we go through a lot of pickle relish here.

      We've not tried the Pom either, but I am going to pick up two boxes and see how we like it. We have to be careful here too as we are on a septic. We've not had any problems, probably because we are careful with it. Let me know how you all like it and I will do the same. :)

  2. A 'no spend' day for me....but yesterday was a bad one having to stock both fridge and freezer, bugger.
    Spent the day making a start on my small wildlife garden and fitting gutter to my new man cave (shed). Pea says that a spend to much time there already.

    1. Awesome having a no spend day, John! Even if you did have to restock fridge an freezer the day before. A new garden sounds nice, maybe we can see a photo when you are done???


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