Friday, September 5, 2014

Thursday ~ 9-4-2014

I cancelled my membership in the Dr. Fuhrman's Member Support Center today. It cost me $3.95 per month to be a member, but I wasn't using it, so I couldn't justify the expense for that reason. I don't like paying for things that I am not using. It's easy enough to call and cancel something like this and not make any unnecessary payments. 

My daughter and I cleaned out one of our spare rooms yesterday. We went through a lot of papers and tossed items we no longer needed. It feels good to get rid of these things and have more order in the house. I even identified a couple of items I can sell on Ebay. 

Speaking of Ebay, I sold another item on there today for $9.44. I stopped in at the post office today after school to mail it. 

Today I listed five books on ( These are books that we were unable to trade at McKays for whatever reason. When you list 10 books on they automatically give you two credits. When someone wants to buy one of your books, you pay the postage to send it to them, and you receive one credit. When you want to buy a book from someone, they pay the postage to send it to you, and you spend one of your credits. This is the first time I've used, so I will let you know how it goes. 

I worked half a day today and got to eat lunch with my daughter too, so a win-win situation. I made both of us wraps with ham and cheese, broccoli with ranch dressing for dipping, and corn chips with water to drink. I also had some peanut butter and crackers in there just in case it was not filling. She tends to get low blood sugar from time to time, so I like to keep snacks on hand for her just in case. 

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  1. Someone recommended the Paperback Swap to me, too. I'm going to wait and see how it goes for you before I join.

    1. Sounds good to me, Shara. I've already for a request for two of my books, so when those are received, I will have four credits all together. I'll do an update sometime soon after I've gotten a book or two. :)

  2. I have used PBS for at least 5 years. Love, love, love it. You do from time to time have issues with a book not either getting to you or from you. Good news is you don't lose your credit(s) if/when that happens. Bad news is you do lose your postage cost. Also, there are message boards and forums where you can make your own deals. Along with other stuff. If you read alot, it can be quite beneficial. Of course, the library is free.

    1. Oh, thank you so much for commenting, Kelly. I am so glad to hear of your good experience with PBS. I already have a request for one of my books, so looks like a trip to the post office will be on the agenda for tomorrow.


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