Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mock Tuna Salad

Mock Tuna Salad is a recipe that I first tried out last fall after I started on a plant based diet last year. This recipe is very simple, affordable, easy to make, and tastes great. 

What I did was to take a one pound bag of garbanzo beans and let them soak overnight. You can used canned garbanzo beans, but they will cost more money and you will not have the advantage of being able to soak them overnight as they are already cooked. 

In the morning, I placed the beans in the crock pot and covered them with water and set the crock pot on high to cook until lunchtime. After they were done cooking, I drained them and ran cold water over them to cool them off some. 

After that I put them into my food processor and using the pulse button, I chopped them up just a little bit. I wanted them to remain chunky somewhat and not be the consistency of hummus. 

After that I add whatever items I like in my tuna salad, which may be different for you. I like sweet pickle relish and mayonnaise in my tuna salad, although I have made it without the mayonnaise as well. You can add whatever you like to yours. I would add celery if I had any on hand. 

I've eaten this as a sandwich on toasted and untoasted bread, as well as crackers, or just by itself. It would also be a good topping for a salad. 

I am able to purchase a one pound bag of garbanzo beans for under $1.50, so this makes a very affordable option for lunch. Once the beans are cooked and the other ingredients added, I had an ordinary mixing bowl full of "tuna" salad. Enough to last us for a week of lunches, which is much more affordable than tuna and healthier as well. 

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