Saturday, February 15, 2014

Good Deal Alert ~ Food Lion Powerade Sale

Food Lion has a great deal on Powerade this week. 

No coupon required. 

Food Lion is running their "MVP Gold Medal Savings" promotion right now. When you buy 10 participating products, you receive $5.00 off instantly, or when you buy 15 participating products, you receive $10.00 off instantly. 

The 32 ounce Powerades are on sale for 89¢.

When you buy 15, they take $10.00 off the price, so each one is 22¢. 

What a sweet deal! 

We did the deal twice and now have 30 in our pantry. 

The Powerade website does have this coupon for 50¢ off too. We didn't have the coupon to use it in time. 

One thing to do when you go into Food Lion is swipe your MVP card in the kiosk when you enter the store and you can print out a page of coupons. 

One of the coupons we received today was $1.00 off two cans of Campbell's soup. While I was shopping I found a section of chicken noodle and tomato soup for 50¢ each, so I was able to get two cans of soup for free with my coupon. 

My daughter also has a Food Lion card, so she swiped hers and was able to get the free soup as well. You can see all four cans here, which we were able to get free. In fact, everything in the photo was free today with coupons. 

We spent most of the day Friday in town grocery shopping and getting some good deals. I'll be posting them as time permits in the next few days. :)

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