Sunday, November 4, 2012

Saving Money on Hair Cuts

The other day after I had checked out at Walmart, I noticed a coupon on the back of my receipt for a $7.99 haircut at the Smart Style salon located inside Walmart.  

Getting a haircut was on my list of things to do that day, so I stopped in and asked if they could cut my hair and they said yes, so I had my hair cut that day for $7.99. You know I love getting a bargain, and what a great deal that was.

Lucky for me, more than one coupon printed on the back of my receipt that day, so I took my daughter in yesterday for another haircut for $7.99.  In fact, I also have two more coupons that printed that day, so I have two more to use since they are good until the end of the year. 

Be sure to check the back of your Walmart receipts to see if you can find a similar coupon.  And be sure to like them on Facebook and check out their website for future offers. 

Smart Style Salon on Facebook

Smart Style Salon Website

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  1. A double great deal, Belinda!
    I had a great clips coupon that expired on the 1st, and I didn't get a chance to use it, life got too busy! Boo hoo! Now I have to wait to find another one. In the meantime, I'm doing my back-up plan, styling my hair to camouflage that it really needs a cut!

    1. That is a perfect way to hide that you need a cut, Lili. A good strategy for sure and one I've used as well. Hopefully you will find that Great Clips coupon soon. Sometimes we are lucky enough to get one in the mail. :)


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