Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Grocery Run #2 for January


 Made a grocery store run to Sam's Club in Chattanooga today. My daughter wanted to go to the used book store and Sam's is right down the road, so I took advantage of the opportunity. 

The mozzarella cheese that I wrote about increasing in price in this post actually went down $1.00 from $12.98 to $11.98.  Nice to know that some items are actually going down in price. 

Here is the list of what I bought today:

2 bags tortillas - $4.26
1 bag tortilla chips - $3.78
5 pounds onions - $3.98
2 pounds Romaine - $2.98
2 pounds shredded lettuce - $1.97
3 pounds Coleslaw - $2.26
5 pounds shredded Cheddar Cheese - $12.98
5 pounds Mozzarella Cheese - $11.98
3 pounds Pepperoni - $7.98
4.5 pounds Hamburger - $13.53
15 pounds baking Potatoes - $7.98

5 pounds carrots - $2.98
101 ounces EVOO - $15.98
1 Roasted Chicken - $5.99

Total: $ 98.63

The 15 pound bag of potatoes is actually a bag of baking potatoes. I'll have to count them later and see how many I actually have in the bag.

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