Wednesday, January 4, 2012

After Christmas Clearance

 I decided to check the after Christmas clearance section while I was at Walmart today. I hadn't planned on buying anything, but we did use up all of our Christmas wrapping paper this year. When I saw these rolls marked 75% off I took one to the price check machine and it scanned at 86 cents. So, I went back and bought ten rolls in all, which cost me $8.60. 

The paper was originally priced at $3.99 each, so these would have cost $39.90 at full retail. While I was checking out, the lady behind me asked how much they were, and after I told her she said they were only 50% off yesterday, so it was a case of my being in the right place at the right time.  I will store them under my bed where they will be out of the way until next Christmas.

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  1. They had to be more than 75% off. 75% of $3.99 would make them $1 per roll. Kudos. Great deal no matter what.

  2. Nice! I didn't even think to do the math on that. :) Thanks.


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