Friday, November 4, 2022

First Frugal Friday of November 2022

Welcome to Friday! 

Quote of the Week
The stores are well stocked. Armageddon will not be here just yet, despite rumors to the contrary. As a Canadian senior, I have no worries for my own well being. I am well provided for and then some. I think that those of us who pinched our pennies and paid off the mortgage and drove our well maintained vehicles into old age; who passed on the cruises and casino jaunts can now see the fruits of our labor. We in the western nations are rich in opportunity; just need to make responsible choices. ~ Rita

Price of Gas this Week

$2.89 at Sam’s Club in Chattanooga, but $3.15 closer to home. 

My Frugal Week

My Dad will be returning to Illinois for the winter in just a few days. He wanted to be sure Bailey and I will be OK by ourselves this year. This will be our first winter without Mom. He fixed the heater in my room and brought us another heater to boot just in case we needed it. We had a really nice visit reminiscing about all sorts of stuff. 💕 

Bailey and I were in Chattanooga this week and stopped in at McKay Used Books. This is MY first time going in there since the pandemic started. I found several cookbooks for my collection. We traded books we had here, so no money exchanged hands. 

I bought a pair of shorts last week that were on clearance for $5.99, which was down from $17.99. They arrived in the mail this week and they are so soft and comfortable

Frugal Tip of the Week

If your property and/or home is paid for, do not get another mortgage. Debt-free housing is an important survival strategy for these hard times especially for those living with a low income

Saving Money In My Frugal Kitchen

The ten pound bag of chicken leg quarters was cooked off in the oven, meat pulled off the bones, shredded and then turned into BBQ chicken for sandwiches. It created the most golden stock in the bottom of the pan. 

Bailey couldn’t believe the BBQ chicken was so tasty,  and even said, “this was that gross bag of chicken?” Bahahaha! 😂 So, I’m counting this as a success and in the future will pick up chicken leg quarters when I find them on sale or markdown. 

Meals This Week

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, Fresh Broccoli, Grapes, and Strawberries
Chili Tacos, Corn
BBQ, Roasted Potatoes, Carrots
Salmon, Green Beans & Onions, Mashed Potatoes
Sweet & Sour Chicken, Rice, Broccoli 
Homemade Pizza
Salmon, Brussel Sprouts, Potato Pancakes

Recipe of the Week

This is a recipe I first made back in 1990. It makes a light and airy biscuit and tastes so good with the added yeast almost like a roll. 

Angel Biscuits


1 envelope dry yeast
5 cups self rising flour
3/4 cup shortening 
1/4 cup warm water
3 Tablespoons sugar
2 cups buttermilk


Dissolves yeast in warm water and set aside.
Preheat over to 400 degrees.
Mix flour and sugar in a mixing bowl. 
Cut shortening into flour using a pastry blender or fork. 
Add yeast and buttermilk to make a soft dough.
Turn onto a floured surface and pat to a 1/2 inch thickness.
Cut with biscuit cutter, place biscuits on an undressed baking sheet.
Let rise for 45 minutes. 
Bake for 15 minutes. 

Yield: 3 dozen Angel Biscuits

Saving on Entertainment

Every few weeks or so, Facebook changes the algorithm and “new” old tv shows come up to watch.  Lately it’s been showing me Andy Griffith, which I’ve always enjoyed as good, clean entertainment. It’s great to pop in for a few minutes of rest to watch something to take my mind off other things and it’s free entertainment. 

What I've been Reading This Week

Cultivating a Local Food Movement

Better Times Almanac by Bob Waldroup ~ a great resource I’ve shared before

Eleven Thins We’re Doing to Combat Rising Prices

Thank you for dropping by my frugal blog, you are always welcome here. 

We would love to hear all about your week in the comment section.

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~ Living within our Means ~
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  1. Hi Belinda, THANK YOU SOOOOO much for posting the web address for
    the Better Times Almanac. This brought back so many good memories and saved my sanity during times of a super tight budget. I am really enjoying reading it again. I found a scaled down version of it but it wasn't this treasure trove. Have a great weekend. Bun

    1. I’m so glad you are happy to have this again, Bun. It’s one of my favorite resources. Bob Waldroup passed away in 2019, so there will be no more Better Times Almanac, so this to be is a treasure trove for sure. I’m so tickled that you are happy to have it again. Thank you for telling me. 😊

  2. Your Dad was so nice to come and check on you two. I bet you will miss him a lot when he goes back home. Winter will be here soon.

    1. Thank you, Vickie. My Dad is the best and can fix just about anything and yes I’m going to miss him when he goes back to Illinois.

  3. I will be thinking of you through the holiday season. It's tough the first year after loved ones pass away. That's great advice. I feel fortunate to have a house free and clear. My family will not be homeless, and if everyone ends up back here, so be it.

    1. Thank you, Sam. That is so sweet of you. I feel the same way of any family needs to come here and stay. They’ll always have a home here.

  4. Yay! on the chicken success! I think those big bags are gross too, but sometimes I get a bag that has nice size leg quarters in it.... not the giant gross ones. We use them primarily for the dog, but I would not hesitate to eat them. And you are right about the broth. I have several jars of frozen broth in my freezer to use for Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you so much, Penny. It was definitely a win! And thanksgiving will be here before we know it! I bought some Pepperidge Farm dressing at the store today. It’s just one step in the dressing making process. 😊

  5. Your dad sounds really sweet, and so nice that you had a chance to catch up & reminisce!

  6. I always find that your blog makes me so thankful that we, like you are frugal and able to weather whatever comes our way.

    We often eat chicken legs with the back attached.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, Jackie. We will definitely be using this chicken more often especially when we are able to find it on sale.

  7. Sending hugs as you go through this season. I'm glad that your Dad was able to fix the heater for you.
    Sounds like a fun trip to the bookstore. I love old bookstores.
    Funny about the chicken leg quarters, and I'm glad that Bailey enjoyed the bbq chicken. I know we ate a lot of those leg quarters as they were pretty cheap back when my husband was out of work.
    Yum on the angel biscuits. I need to try your recipe. Thank you.
    Good advice on the second mortgage, and I love the quote too.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. I always buy the 10 pound pack of chicken quarters when they are on sale. Gross or not, I don't care. For a few dollars I get about 3 dinners out of it plus a couple of quarts of stock. I call that a win.
    My mom was not a very good cook, but she made delicious Angel biscuits. Thank you for posting the recipe. I think I will make some next week.

    1. I would call that a win too, Anne. You’re welcome for the recipe. I hope you enjoy it. 😊

  9. Hahaha on the gross chicken since that is how I view that big bag, too! Angel biscuits are so good! I had forgotten about them! I have kept the dough in the fridge for a week and used it a bit at a time.

    1. LOL Lana, that gross chicken describes it perfectly. 😂 I like the id3a of using the dough from the biscuits over the course of the week. You could have fresh biscuits every day.

  10. I like that quote Belinda. Glad your 'gross' bag of chicken turned out so well. I can't blame Bailey, cause I'm picky about food too :) What a great deal on your shorts! I love not having to pay full price for anything. Hope you both have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Yes! When it comes to chicken I can be picky too, I’d rather just eat beans or something not gross. I’ll be a borderline vegetarian. LOL

      I hope you have a terrific weekend too!

  11. Gas in Washington State is at $4.69, it's gone up a little in the last couple of weeks. My frugal win for the week was getting a shower tension rod for free off of facebook. I'm going to put it down the middle of the tub area, up high, and hang clothes to dry on hangers. Good use of the chicken!

    1. Wow, I feel for you on the gas prices there, Tami. I hope you all can get some relief soon.

      That’s a great idea on the shower tension rod to save money and I love that you got it for free. That is terrific!

  12. Yesd, that bag of chicken is gross. One grocery store manager told me the only reason he carried it was because the company made him carry it. I had not complained about it being gross, just wanted it. So, for him to think it was awful was such a surprise. Oh, I fear yeast.

    1. Oh yes, several of are In Agreement that chicken is gross. Surprised the manager said so too. He is our kind of people. 😂


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