Friday, February 11, 2022

Second Frugal Friday February 2022

Welcome to Friday! 

Quote of the Week
Eat half,
Walk double,
Laugh triple,
And love without measure.
~ Dr. Esselstyn
My Frugal Week

We’ve been decluttering this week to get ready for a consignment sale at the end of the month. We’ve cleaned out every cabinet and nook and cranny around. I love the feeling that I get when an area is cleaned out and organized. Hopefully we will make some money from the sale,  but I’m already happy over the extra space that’s opened up here. 

Laundry was hung up to dry this week to save money on electricity. 

I mended a shirt for a Bailey that had a tear in one of the seams.  

I used a coupon code to save 20% on a clothing item for myself. 

Last Friday we went to a couple of thrift stores again, so Bailey could purchase inventory for her online shops. 

I came home with a basket magazine holder. I saw photos recently from a lady who buys them whenever she sees them second hand and uses them to organize her baking sheets and pans with them. I loved the idea, so when I saw this one at the thrift store, I bought it. It corralled many wire racks and cutting boards and a few other odds and ends that always want to fall down in that cabinet. 

I found this gorgeous Waverley dust ruffle, pillow shams, and pillow. I checked all over and couldn’t find a size on it, but it looked queen sized, so I bought it for $9.99. Once I got it home, I Googled the size of a queen sized sheet, found it to be 60 inches, measured this one, and it was 60 inches. It’s like brand new and still starchy. 

Joy of the Week

We finally went inside the new Trader Joe’s in Chattanooga! It was so great, it was crowded, so we only stayed about ten minutes and wore our masks, but I loved it and can’t wait to go back again. I picked up a couple of different varieties of apples, some chopped vegetables, purple sweet potatoes and Bailey picked up several items as well. 

Earning Money

My income tax refund was deposited into my account this week. I believe this is the first time I’ve ever gotten it so quickly. 

Saving Money In My Frugal Kitchen

We went to United Grocery Outlet specifically to buy honey. Their honey in the quart jar is much cheaper than any other store in town.

We went to Ingles to look for meat markdowns. We didn’t find any meat, but we did find five cans of tomato products in the crash and burn section for 50 cents each. Even a 28 ounce can of crush tomatoes was marked for 50 cents, so they came home with me. 

Of all the things we could run out of, we ran out of onions this week, so I did a grocery pick up order for two bags of onions while I was running errands on Monday. 

Save a Lot has whole chickens on sale this week for 99 cents a pound if you’re interested. Also, Publix has Oscar Meyer beef franks on sale for B1G1FREE.

Meals This Week

Friday: Pizza Night!

Saturday: Tacos

Sunday: Dirty Rice, Carrots, Beets, Cucumber Slices

Monday: Teriyaki Chicken, Basmati Rice, Green Onions.

Tuesday: Sticky Pineapple Chicken, Basmati Rice, Broccoli

Wednesday: Lasagna, Garlic Bread, Salad (Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day)

Thursday: Repeat of Lasagna, Garlic Bread, and Salad. What was left went into the freezer for another time. 

Saving on Entertainment

We started watching Manifest this week. 

Fried Rice 101 from America’s Test Kitchen YouTube channel, which is free to watch unlike their website. 

What I've been Reading This Week

Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

That is all the news to report on our frugal week in Tennessee. Thank you for dropping by, you are always welcome here. We would love to hear about your week in the comment section.

~ Living within our Means ~
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  1. I love the quote. I need to print it out and put it in my kitchen window so I can see it regularly!
    The tomatoes were a super score!
    Funny! I remember the spaghetti ad!

    1. Yes, I remember that spaghetti ad too. I was surprised to find it on YouTube.

      I love that quote too. :)

  2. Love the quote! Tax refund? I haven't even thought about filing yet.
    You can drive up here and clear out my house!

    1. Bailey would take you up on that in a heartbeat, Cheryl. :)

      I like that quote too.

  3. Love the basket for your cabinet! I have a cabinet that has dividers built in and I have always been thankful that the lady who built our house thought to have that little extra.

    Our Ingles is only marking meat down 10%. The case is full of it even in the afternoon so my bet is that it is going in the dumpster which is sad.
    As far as I know my Aldi still has whole chickens for .95 a pound. They are around 5-6 pounds so I cut them in half and freeze it in tow pieces.

    1. Thank you, Lana. I love that basket and how neat that you have dividers in your cabinet. I would love that too.

      That is sad to think of that meat going in the dumpster. I did see one meat package marked down, but it wasn’t enough for me to want to buy it.

      That is a great price for chickens at Aldi!

  4. My husband and I LOVED Manifest. I hated how it ended though, and thank goodness, after the original network and Netflix both saying no more, Netflix decided to do another season. Hopefully the ending will be better! We also loved Blacklist and are waiting for Netflix to add more seasons. We do not have regular tv -- we only have Hulu and Netflix and watch Youtube movies on our tv. So much cheaper than having regular TV.

    1. I’m glad they decided to do another season of Manifest. We both watched and enjoyed the first episode and are going to watch the entire series. I will have to check out Blacklist and see if we would like it too. Thank you for the suggestion. Yes, we are the same on having no regular tv. It’s cheaper to use the alternatives.

  5. Ah, great quote. Careful with Trader Joe's. As Sluggy shared, they know how to reel us in.

    1. Yikes! I will take heed, Sam. Thank you.

    2. Yes they do! For some reason that store makes you think everything there is good for you.

  6. I like the quote too!
    Hope that the decluttering brings in extra cash in the sale, and I'm sure your house looks great! I love the bedskirt, such a pretty design. Your meals sound yummy, and I'm going to copy some of them. I've been craving lasagna, and I like having leftovers so I don't have to cook the next day.
    Trader Joe's sounds like a fun place to shop. We don't have one around here, and I have wondered what they were like.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

    1. I’m tickled others liked this weeks quote. The lasagne has made a lot of leftovers so much so that I’m going to freeze the rest. Traders Joe’s was so much fun.I hope you can get one where you are, Kathy.

      I hope you also have a great weekend!

  7. I love that idea with the magazine holder. I will be on the lookout at the thrift stores, I could use a couple of those in my kitchen too. Great job on the decluttering and savings this week. Your meals sound great too. Have a nice weekend!

    1. Thank you, Martha. Yes, I am going to keep my eye out for one more magazine rack. Hopefully I can find a similar one. I hope you have a great weekend too.

  8. A lovely frugal week Belinda. Love the magazine basket. I just bet that cornered many an item.

    God bless.

  9. You had a seriously great week! Those crash-and-burn sales are the best. One of the grocery stores I hit up has marked-down dry goods section and I always check it out. Sometimes there will be nothing for weeks and then boom, I come home with ten containers of 99-cent Polish Nutella, or a two dollar bag of vital wheat gluten. Sometimes the surprise of that is the best part of grocery shopping. (The same supermarket has a reduced-price dairy section as well, but their reduced produce section kind of stinks. Fortunately, another local market has reintroduced their discount produce rack, which is always much better, and cheaper!!!)

    Wonderful week! :)

    1. I love the Crash and Burn section too, Stephanie. You never know what you’ll find in there. :)

  10. Oh you reminded me there is a Lasagna in the freezer! Yeah! Easy peasy day. I love that commercial -they had some great ones back then.

    1. They did have some great commercials back then. Kudos to you on your freezer asset!


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