Friday, September 17, 2021

Frugal Friday ~ September 17, 2021

Welcome to Friday! 

My Frugal Week

This blog post will be shorter than usual because I’ve been working on getting my prescriptions refilled all week long.

We went to town on Tuesday as I had a doctor appointment for prescription refills. I’m not sure why, but it has been like pulling teeth to get my prescription refills this time. I think I have it all straightened out now and should be able to pick those up tomorrow. 

My brother bought a new house last week. He works very hard and saves his money. His down payment was $58,000. I am so proud of and happy for him. 

Saving Money In My Frugal Kitchen

We’ve been adventurous in the kitchen this week. Bailey has been tired of spaghetti for a long time now and I had multiple cans of spaghetti and meatballs that were gifted to us that we weren’t eating. Today I opened several cans and took the meatballs out and rinsed the sauce off of them. I added BBQ sauce to them and she enjoyed them for lunch. 

Bailey did a small Aldi pickup for us on Wednesday, so we did get a few things, but she is going to pet sit in Chattanooga for the next few days, so we didn’t need a big grocery order 

Meals This Week 

Although we ate at home every day, I didn’t blog about it. So here are a few of the meals we ate, but not all of them. 

Monday: Hamburgers, French Fries, Sautéed Onions, Lettuce, Tomatoes

Tuesday: Chicken Sandwiches, Sweet Potato Fries

Thursday: Chicken, Carrots, Potatoes, Pickled Beets

That is all the news to report on our frugal week in Tennessee. Thank you for dropping by, you are always welcome here. We would love to hear about your week in the comment section. 

~ Living within our Means ~
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  1. Some weeks I feel like I have nothing to share, but then someone puts a comment tha tmade me think, well, every little effort helps. I think recycling a gifted meal into something more tasty, or less rdundant for a meal is a good win. Congratualtions to your bother. I know savig is hard an dputting a large downpayment will help him in the long run.

    1. Thank you, Sam. That was very sweet of you to say. :)

  2. Hope you get the scripts taken care of.
    WOW what a lovely home. How wonderful for him - hard work pays off.

    1. It certainly does, Cheryl. And I did gets my RX figured out, thank you. :)

  3. Wow your brother did very well in saving up that large a down payment. That could not have been easy.

    Great frugal save on the gifted cans.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, Jackie. He is a hard worker for sure.

  4. Congratulations to your brother! The house is beautiful, and what a great down payment.
    Hope you were able to get your prescriptions filled. I've been having trouble with the dr office and pharmacy this week too. So aggravating.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

    1. Thank you, Kathy. Yes, aggravating is a good term for it. I hope you were able to get yours straightened out too. I was able to get a couple of mine, so that is good.

  5. I would not have thought of reforming the canned spaghetti, but what a smart idea.
    I hope your brothers lovely home will be filled with happiness!

    1. That is so sweet of you, Anne. Thank you very much.

  6. I absolutely love how you repurpose meals. Congratulations to your brother!


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