Friday, November 6, 2020

Frugal Friday

Welcome to Friday!  Winter weather made it here this week as we woke up to 30 degree temperature on Monday morning and 29 degrees on Tuesday. The air conditioner was definitely turned off for now. Indian Summer will be here before too long, but for now we will enjoy the silence of no air conditioners. 

In My Frugal Kitchen

I cut one of my new kitchen sponges in half this week. The sponges are big, so cutting them in half makes them easier for me to use, saves money, and I get more than one sponge out of the deal. If it's a sponge I rarely use or use for a small job, I cut them into thirds or fourths.  

I've been watching pantry stocking videos on YouTube this week and I have to wonder to myself if some people are going overboard for their family size. We eat what we store here and that has been our routine for many years. 

Other Frugal Things

This week I received another survey from Consumer Opinion and $5 for completing it. They send about four of them a year, but this year I received five for some reason, so $25.

We decided November will be a month of deep cleaning, so our home will be neat and tidy and clean for the holidays. Bailey has already started the process by shampooing the carpets with her new Bissell carpet shampooer.  She also used the Bissell carpet cleaner with Gain detergent. The carpet in the house not only looks good, but the whole house smells good as a result. This will pay for itself  over the years verses renting one or having them professionally cleaned. 

As I mentioned earlier this year our electric bill continues to go down due to having a new air conditioner installed an May. Our home is all electric, so no water, sewer or gas bills here. And now that we have a new washer and dryer I suspect it will go down even more. Here is the breakdown on our electric bill from last year and this year. 

10/15/2019 ~ $304.53

10/14/2020 ~ $191.19

Our bill reflected a savings of $113.34 over the bill for this same time last year. The reason for that is our old air conditioner was no longer energy  efficient the last few years, and installing a new energy saving model really helped bring the electric bill down. 

How was your week?   

~ Living within our Means ~
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  1. I've been doing that for a hint too..lots of work! I should clean the Carpets too...gain smells so nice!

    1. Yes, lots of work and I love the smell of Gain.

  2. I not only cut sponges, but I also cut Brillo pads into thirds. I use stainless pans mainly and nothing cleans them better than Brillo, but after a couple of days they rust. If I am going to have to toss them after 2 or 3 uses at least I am only tossing a part of one.

    1. Definitely, Anne. I would toss them after thy rust too. I stick my Brillo pads into a Ziploc type bag and stick them In the freezer. They last a long time in there. LOL

  3. Awesome news, particularly on the electrical!

  4. I agree with how some go overboard on the stock up. I can imagine they wind up using expired things or having a lot of waste. Sounds like you are doing a good job on the frugal front. Great idea to deep clean this month. I may have to join you on that. My house sure needs it!

    1. I think they have a lot of expired items too, which can still be used depending on what it is. Sometimes they sell them at their yard sales and then I see them. LOL

  5. Great savings on electricity!
    Sounds like a good idea to deep clean before the holidays. I bet your carpet looks and smells great.

    1. Thank you, Kathy. They smell good and look so much better.

  6. electric can be expensive so you are doing well.

  7. Great job on the electric savings!!

    God bless.


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