Saturday, January 19, 2019

Saturday ~ 1-19-2019

Yesterday was payday since this is a holiday weekend, so I've spent some time this morning paying bills. 

We went to the bank and decide to run some errands since we were in town. I wanted to pick up a few deals that were on sale. 

The first stop we made was to Publix where they had Smucker's Jams and Jellies on sale for buy one get one free. 

We love the Smucker's cherry preserves. It's like eating cherry pie on toast. Publix had it for $3.07 and with the discount it was $1.53. 

They only had one jar left though, so I got a raincheck to get more later. 

We also picked up one jar of blueberry preserves to try. It was originally $3.38, but with the discount it came to $1.69.

Our next stop was Food City to get potatoes, sausage, canned vegetables, and tamales. 

They had ten pound bags of potatoes for $2.99, canned vegetables for 49¢, tamales for 99¢, and Swaggerty's sausage for $2.49. 

My daughter likes canned tamales and they are a good lunch for her to fix when I'm working. They are normally $1.89, so 99¢ was a great price. We were going to get ten cans, but they only had nine left, so that is what we bought. 

They also had TN Pride sausage on sale on Friday only for $1.99 and Swaggerty's sausage on sale through Tuesday for $2.49. We love the Swaggerty's sausage while the TN Pride is just OK. 

So, I paid the extra 51¢ and bought the Swaggerty's. They only had two left though, so we bought those and have until Tuesday if we want to get more, which I do. 

My daughter picked up some coleslaw at Ingle's when she went the other day as it was on sale for $1.28, so will will be having deconstructed egg rolls for dinner one night soon. 

There was a limit of twenty cans on the vegetables, but I only bought four as I didn't want to have to carry twenty cans up the stairs and into the house. So I bought two cans of corn and two cans of green beans. 

If you recall we have multiple steps to get into our house and if it's already dark I'd rather not stay outside any longer than necessary. 

We are staying home today and will have a no spend day. I'll be making pizza later and a salad to serve with it. I have multiple things that I need to work on today and will be busy with those. What are your plans for today?

~ Living within our Means ~


Anne in the kitchen said...

Nice bargain on the Smucker's and the sausage. I will almost always pay the difference for a product we prefer over one we are lukewarm about.
TheHub has been working 7 days a week for quite a while, so weekends have been like every other day of the week around here. Today he decided to leave the office at 1, so we are going to run to the lake place just to check it, then run back home and sock in for the night.

Frances Moseley said...

Got my hair cut this morning. After that, I had an appointment with my podiatrist. He takes Saturday morning appointments a couple of times a month. There is a Kroger near his office, so I went in and got the two things I needed. Then home for some lunch, and made a pot of taco soup. It is now cooling so I can freeze single servings. Other than that, some household chores and a bit of TV watching while I start a new crocheted blanket. Hope you have a good weekend, Belinda. If your part of TN gets snow, stay safe. Just rain and very cold in my part of MS.

Belinda said...

Sounds like a good and fun plan, Anne. I'm with you on paying a little bit more for something we enjoy verses something that is just OK.

Belinda said...

Right now we have rain and very strong winds, Frances. We might get some snow tomorrow, but time will tell. I hope you stay safe and warm in MS too. Your taco soup sounds so good. I love being able to pull individual containers of soup from the freezer. I place them in my lunch bag and they are usually thawed by lunchtime then. I hope you have a good weekend. :)

Nichole said...

Hi Belinda,
Still pushing through here while the Shutdown is still going on. The airport that my husband works at has been arranging lunch for them each day this week, so that is one less meal from home. Before Christmas the airport did a food drive for the local food bank, and the food bank was able to drop off a pallet of various food stuffs (both cold and shelf stable for the TSA employees to take home. That has helped us out a lot! The hubby knows my cooking style and snagged a couple of whole chickens, some big bunches of collard greens, and a pie that we were able to use to celebrate our oldest's 13th birthday! She prefers pie to cake.
I've had the chickens stewing to shred for future meals and to can the stock. I also washed, chopped and blanched the greens for freezing to have available to use in bean soups and an egg, potato, and greens skillet I make for breakfasts, lunch, and dinner. Hopefully this all gets resolved soon!

Thanks for sharing your day!

Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

You found great bargains Belinda.
I did grocery shopping today. And bought gas as well. So it wasn't a no spend day, but tomorrow I'm going to stay home. :)

Have a great weekend!

Belinda said...

That's great that the airport is providing lunches. I'm sure that helps. I'm glad that pallet of food from the food bank helped. I hope this all gets resolved soon too. My heart goes out to you all.

Belinda said...

THank you, Nil. I hope you have a great weekend too. Staying home will be nice. :)

Hawaii Planner said...

Great finds! My husband & the kids avoided eating out (one exception, was supposed to be on a gift card) while I was traveling. I made a wipe board menu on the outside of the fridge, clearly detailing options. It worked! They tend to eat out when I'm gone.

As for today, we splurged & booked a last minute hotel to take the kids skiing. We'll bring our own food, to offset some of the cost.

Belinda said...

Thank you. That's great that your menu board worked for your family while you were away. That's such a great idea.

Have fun today while skiing, that sounds like fun! :)

Stephanie said...

Egads, those stairs!!! Those might actually kill me- but I have, to sum it up nicely, back problems which often make walking, particularly up stairs, difficult and/or painful. They're great for exercise though!

You got a lot of really great deals this week! said...

I'm coming up with proposals to present at the Financial Blogger Conference in September. After that I'll spend one hour (no longer, I keep telling myself) working on an article for Money Talks News.

Next I'll be baking a sour cream chocolate cake because DF's mom is having her 91st birthday tomorrow. The sour cream is actually yogurt from the freezer, frozen because it was no longer palatable; wild yeast had gotten into the starter and made the yogurt smell and taste more like beer. Yuck. So I tried making the cake with it and the result was quite delicious.

The other result was this post:

Leftovers for dinner. After that, I have promised myself an evening of reading, a book called "The Feather Thief: Beauty, Obsession and the Natural History Heist of the Century." (Yeah, I'm a nerd. But so far the story is really fascinating.) It *must* be returned before the end of the day tomorrow, as it's due Monday and the library is closed for the holiday.

DF and I enjoy reading in adjoining armchairs, like Carl and Ellie in the movie "Up." And he's as big a nerd as I am; currently he's reading a book called "Culloden: Scotland's Last Battle and the Forging of the British Empire." Since mine is a library tome and his was a Christmas gift, this will be a frugal evening indeed.

Belinda said...

Thank you, Stephanie. We have a love/hate relationship with the stairs. They are great to keep snakes out of the house. We've had one downstairs, but not upstairs and we live upstairs, so I'm glad they have not make it up here yet. LOL

Belinda said...

Sounds like a terrific weekend, Donna. I love how you sit in adjoining armchairs and read. THat is so sweet. He must b a history buff. One of the teachers I sub for likes to read Historical novels like that. I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend. :)

SafyneAnais said...

You got some really great deals. Dollar Tree has Hormel Chicken Tamales. They are really good. Sometimes they come with coupons.

Saturday- We got the storm that you all got. We got the snow and frigid cold air. As I type this the wind chill is -6F.

DH & I did go out in it. Returned our library books. We had to go to our hated store- WalMart SuperCenter. Bought what we needed, checked clearance and we were out. Needed to go to Walgreens. When did Walgreens get so expensive? Now, that was sticker shock. I remember the day you could get killer deals out of Walgreen's. I didn't buy anything except my medicine. Decided we would go to our locally owned grocery store since it was close by, only to find out that's it's closed. That's it for me. Official Grocery Store Drought. The only store I have closest to me now is WalMart. I was really upset. I went to Dollar Tree. I needed ice cube trays. They were sold out, lol. Guess everyone bought them for the Chief's game. I am Chief's country.

No great deals today. I did find a set of Kawaii stickers at Dollar Tree. They are a rarity. They originally cost $9.00. I don't know why that Dollar Tree had them. I am not complaining.

Belinda said...

Thank you, Safyne. I didn't know the Dollar Tree carried the chicken tamales. We will have to look at ours and see if they have any.

Oh my gosh, it must be so cold there. Brr.

I'm with you on Walgreens being expensive. That's awful that your last grocery store, other than Walmart, has now closed. :(

Good deal on the Kawaii stickers. :)

Unknown said...

You got some good deals! I am doing laundry and decluttering the dining room because I let the hutch become a catch all for everything. lol Plus, since it snowed here last night, I'm not getting out. I hate driving in it, so its a perfect day to declutter. :)

Belinda said...

Thank you, Sarah. A snow day is a perfect day to declutter. It's something we have to fight daily with the mail. UGH. LOL

thyme2Bthrifty said...

West Tennessee had SNOW yesterday (Saturday). Truly a "HaHa" along the Mississippi River, but with 27-degree temperature, snow remains on a backyard
table. My northeastern family is throwing snowballs, though.

Was it last year your stairway was rebuilt? I like its appearance.

Good shopping deals.

Belinda said...

Thank you, Anna. The staircase was rebuilt in Sept 2017, so just over a year now. We've not gotten any snow that I've seen. Just a little bit cold here. :)

Making Cents Of It All said...

Hubby got paid on Friday so we did our bills today. I paid all of them online except one that would charge me a fee to pay online. So I mailed it. You got some great deals this week.

Kimberly said...

Thursday night and Friday night dad and I went to local high school basketball games (DH went Friday night too). Saturday went took grandson and my dad to a college basketball game to watch his great nephew play. Funny how local hs games cost $5 but the college game was free and grandson got freebie sunglasses lol. We did spend money eating a buffet lunch. Granddaughter came over on Sunday for church with my dad, then when we were taking her home, dad fell and so yesterday afternoon was spent in the emergency room for about 2 hours plus 2 hour round trip. We had CORD for dinner. Friday I transferred one of dad's rxs to Publix and instead of paying $35.xx locally, I paid $7.50 (thanks Belinda!). For breakfast this morning, dad and I had oatmeal that I got a few months ago for 1c at Dollar General. He hurt his mouth when he fell so needed something soft.

Belinda said...

THank you so much. It's a great feeling to have all the bills paid.

Belinda said...

The Friday night ball games provide so much entertainment plus you gt to see all sorts of friends. How neat that your grandson fot free sunglasses and into the game for free. Our local sports games are now $6.00. I hope your Dad is OK after falling. :(

I'm so glad you saved so much money on your Dad's rx that's great! You are so good to him, I hope that he is well on the mend. :)

56steps said...

Why has it never occurred to me that cherry preserves would taste like cherry pie filling????
My store didn't have the smuckers but they had a store brand jar.
I will admit to dipping my finger in it when I got home.

Your grateful reader,

Belinda said...

LOL, what did you think, Debra? It's so good on a warm slice of toast that has been buttered. We tried the Kroger store brand and while it is good, it is not as good as the Smuckers.

56steps said...

What did I think ?
I love it!
Still on the look out for the Smuckers

Belinda said...

Oh, I'm so glad. I had some today on a peanut butter sandwich. It sure did hit the spot.

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