Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Christmas Recipe Series ~ Punch

For my family the days of big family get togethers and Christmas parties have come and gone, but we still enjoy the fond memories and recipes from those wonderful times. 

My grandmother loved to cook and bake and she loved feeding her family and making us special things. For Easter each year she would make us giant peanut butter eggs or sugar decorated eggs. 

For Christmas each year she made everyone their favorite cookies and cakes. She made Christmas Eve dinner followed with a big dinner on Christmas day. 

Every year she would make green and red punch, one for Christmas Eve and the other color for Christmas day. 

Hers was a very simple recipe using only two ingredients. She would take a bowl of sherbert (lime for green and raspberry for red) and place the sherbert in her punch bowl. 

Then she would cover it with a quart of cream soda, which was easy to find back in Illinois in the 1970s. Today it is harder to find here in Tennessee. Sometimes my grandmother would even find vanilla cream soda. 

After placing the sherbert in the punch bowl, she would pour the chilled cream soda over it and let them melt together, stirring it from time to time until it was all melted together and cold. 

It was delicious and all of us children loved it, and today it always reminds me of Christmas. 

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