Friday, August 3, 2018

Frugal Friday ~ August 3, 2018

My daughter went to do a load of laundry on Wednesday, but the washer wouldn't work. Thinking it might be a breaker, I went downstairs to investigate, but that wasn't the case. 

This washer was purchased on 8-29-17, so it was still under the one year warranty. A phone call was made to Roper and a service call was made for Thursday. 

Turns out the control panel inside was dead. He order a new part for it and it should be here on Monday. I'm expecting $0 in costs associated with this as it is still under warranty. 

When I buy something new I take the receipt and the owner's manual and place them in a clear plastic sleeve and add it to my binder that holds these. So I had my receipt on hand when I needed it for the service call. It's so important to keep track of these important papers, so you don't have to spend unnecessary money. 

My daughter went thrift store shopping yesterday while I took Mom to vote. DD and I went later in the day to vote together. 

After she was done thrifting, she went into Ingle's and found some terrific items on markdown. 

Welch's Cocktail Juice $1.00

Minute Maid 
Pineapple Coconut Water 

Brown Eggs 50¢ x 2

Oui yogurt 50¢ x 4

Milo's Sweet Tea 75¢ x 2

Silk Cashew Milk $1.30

Laura Lynn Orange Juice $1.50

I'm tickled that she went in there. I was overlooking that as a source of markdowns because we have other grocery stores we check. 

She is now going to be checking this as a source of markdowns when she goes thrifting on Thursday in that area. 

I made $262.44 on Ebay during the month of July. That was more than enough to pay my car insurance, with some leftover. 

In fact, I made enough money from multiple sources to pay all of my bills, so I did not have to dip into any of my savings. 

August 13th will be my first day back to work, but I won't see my first paycheck until September 20th. So we will still need to continue our summertime budget for a while. 

Our neighbor came over on Saturday afternoon and using his own tractor along with one of my Dad's farm implements, fixed our driveway for us. 

We are so thrilled! 

I'm making him a batch of brownies along with a nicely written note as a way of saying thank you to him. 

We stopped at our local peach orchard and picked up peaches for the first time this summer. 

The big baskets were $15 each, but you can save $1 on your next purchase if you bring the basket back. 

These are good peaches with so much juice it runs down your arm. 

No yard sales today as the weather is not cooperating. 

How was your week? Frugal or not? 

I would love to hear all about it in the comment section. :)

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. Great deals especially on the eggs and cashew "milk"! I'm glad your washer broke down before the warranty was up....not that I was glad it broke at all. lolz
    I am still waiting for local peaches will be awhile still but I did pick my first ripe tomato from the garden....yeah!

    1. Thank you, Sluggy. I'm so glad the washer broke down before the warranty ended too. LOL

  2. Ugh, broken washers are no fun. Luckily, my recent fiasco was covered 100% with the awesome extended warranty that Speed queen provides. Roper are supposed to also be a good make. Did it get fixed-today is fri? Bailey did awesome on those grocery specials, agree with Sluggy-the eggs and cashew milk alone are worth the stop!

    1. Thank you, Carol. I was tickled over the egg prices. The Roper man will be back on Monday as he had to order the part. I'll be glad when it is fixed, it doesn't take long for laundry to pile up as you know.

  3. Big sigh of relief that your washer was covered. I love the idea of an appliance binder. I probably have a few extra binders in my basement (that I'm sure I'll come across as I complete my summer organization).

    I managed upon a pile of clothing for my daughter, including two coats, and a pair of shoes for me today at yard sales (the first time I've bought anything at yard sales in the past three weeks!) for a whopping total of $4.50. I'm pretty happy with that. :)

    1. Thank you, Stephanie. Awesome on your yard sale finds! I love being able to outfit ourselves so inexpensively. :)

  4. great deal on all the drinks!
    I do the same with receipts and manuals (I even a special place for all the manuals. I use one of those accordion files.

    Hate you have to go so long before a pay check. School started here last week!

    Great going on E=bay sales!!! wOOHOO

  5. Bailey chose the right bargain store, and your neighbor chose the right driveway to repair.

    1. Awwww.....thank you, Anna. We have an awesome neighbor.

  6. Ooh peaches! I love juicy peaches. I bought some today from the store. I wish I had an orchard nearby to pick the freshest ones. :)

    1. I wish you did too, Nil. These are so good it's hard to limit myself to one per day. LOL

  7. Those were some good grocery deal! How do you accept payment on eBay? PayPal linked to a bank account? Trying to sort it all out so I can post stuff. I have the photos taken and working on the postage costs for the text books.

    1. Yes, you link a bank account to Paypal. That's exactly how you accept payments on Ebay. In the old days people would mail a check or money order, but I doubt anyone does that now.


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