Friday, February 24, 2017

Making Do

I've been wanting a rolling utility cart for one of my projects for about two months now. I've researched many options, but didn't settle on anything that suited my needs. Something changed this week and I knew I needed to make a decision. 

This is what I came up with:

We found this one day at the Dollar General store, where they were giving them away because they had new ones, and it came home with us that day. This week I needed to make a decision and I thought of this basket. My project fit perfectly in the basket and it even has handles on it. In fact, I think it will work better and be less bulky than a rolling utility cart. 

One aspect of frugal living is adjusting our spending to fit in with our goals, and part of being frugal is being able to pare back what you need.  I made do with something I already had and in the end didn't need to spend any money. I wanted a rolling utility cart because I thought it would make my life easier, but in reality I did not need one. The money I would have spent on the cart can now be ear-marked for one of our financial goals making us one step closer to our goal.

Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without are words we live by here and lies at the core of frugal living. How we choose to do that is entirely up to us. We need to question every expense and ask ourselves if it is really necessary. Oftentimes we can come up with a solution without spending any money.  

How many times do we buy things simply because we want them and not because we need them? What is something that you've made do with instead of spending money for?

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. That's terrific, Belinda! I love it when I can avoid buying something when another item, that is also suitable, comes along. You're completely right. We don't always need the things that we think we need. Do you remember when your daughter was a baby, and you probably thought that you "needed" all of the equipment that is sold to new parents? I remember it with my own. Some of it we did buy, and discovered we didn't really use it all. And other pieces we decided not to buy, and didn't miss them. The trick is to learn to be discerning, with regards to what really will enhance our lives and what probably won't. These are good things to think about.
    Have a good day, Belinda!

  2. That is a great example, Lili. Remember those baby wipe warmers? We didn't get one of those. I can remember so many things like that. I had a friend who told me I would NOT use a changing table, but I know myself and I bought one second hand and we used it all the time. I think knowing yourself is a good gauge when it comes to certain things. Such a great comment, thank you. Hope you have a good day too, Lili. :)

  3. an old necklace will be repurposed as stitch markers for my knitting this weekend!! Good to reuse.....

  4. I love it. I am so happy when this happens. Sometimes waiting for a bit helps us figure out that we do not really need things. I love that you got something free to do the trick.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks, Patti. I hope you have a great weekend too. :)

  5. I love this! It is amazing how creative we can be when we challenge ourself and how we often end up with something that works better than what we could have spent extra money on.

    1. Yes, as that old saying goes necessity is the mother of invention.


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