Sunday, September 11, 2016


Aldi has their two pound bags of carrots on sale this week for 49¢ each. No limit on these, so I bought six bags or twelve pounds. 

Food City has their 14.5 ounce cans of tomatoes on sale this week for 39¢. There was a limit of 12 cans, I bought 12 cans for my pantry. 

I did my usual Saturday chore of taking the garbage yesterday. I take the older car to do this and since it was practically empty on gas, I took it for a fill-up and paid $1.98 a gallon, so $20.00 to fill it up. The last time I filled it up was in the spring, so this will last a long time. 

I made a stock pot full of vegetable soup today like I did last weekend. It was great to come home and be able to heat this up all week, so I'm repeating the process this week.  

~ Living within our Means ~


  1. A couple of great deals, Belinda! Plus a large pot of soup. Sounds like a successful day!

  2. Adding what carrots and cans of tomatoes would cost for me, you saved substantially. :) The soup is always welcome here.

    DH and I have been kitchen collaborating this past week. From "light" broth in 2-quart frozen bags, we used crock pots of the broth and added bones from freezer for a richer broth base. Then, we removed bones after cooking and added frozen veggies to cook and freeze into containers.

    At week's end, there are 8 pints of gravy for whatever and 22 pints of broth with veggies to transform however we please. Ideas are many and money-savers.

    Feels good to stretch money, doesn't it?

    1. Wow Anna! You've both been so productive. It does feel good to stretch money for sure. I hope you both have a great week. :)

  3. Do you have any particular plans for the carrots? I'll have to miss that sale as I'm heading out of state on Tues for eight days.

    1. I'll probably use them all in vegetable soup, but may may a couple of side dishes of carrots with them, Toni. We love carrots here and they are an affordable food. I hope you have a good and safe trip.

  4. Great finds! You can never go wrong with storing tomatoes. Do you make your own pasta sauces?

    I actually canned some of the last carrots I bought and we have been using them as quick side dishes.

  5. Good deals. Aldi's is too far for me to make it worth my while. I do wish we had one closer, we love their Fit and Active snacks.

    Always a use for canned tomatoes.


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