Sunday, March 6, 2016

Saturday Errands

Saturday was a busy day here this weekend. We started the day with a home cooked breakfast. 

Scrambled eggs with cheese, fried potatoes, ham, and buttered toast. 

Afterwards we went to town to run errands and stopped at a couple of yard sales. 

I found these containers for 5¢ each. I couldn't believe she had the Tupperware marinating container included, but she did. I looked and the item sells for $22.00 on the Tupperware site and $12.00 on Etsy. What a bargain! So, 25¢ for all five containers. I couldn't help but pick these up as they are useful for many things. 

Afterwards we went to our local Goodwill store, since March 5th is the first Saturday of the month and everything is 50% off the first Saturday of the month. 

We picked up four blankets for our cats. One of them was $2.50, but the others were $1.00 as was the Better Homes and Gardens gold towel. 

I like to buy the blankets for our cats at yard sales and thrift stores and let the cats use them until they need replacing and then just toss them because I do not want to clean them in my washer & dryer. So, buying them at yard sales and thrift stores makes them more affordable. 

We found these baskets in a free bin on Friday and I knew the cats would love them, so we picked them up and put the blankets in there yesterday. 

Big Kitty, on Friday night, didn't even want to wait for a blanket for his basket. He is a funny cat and loves to have new items to sleep on. If I have a towel drying on the banister and it falls to the ground, he is on top of it almost instantly. :)  

Other items we found include these organizers and two shirts. The Made Smart Junk Drawer Organizer is brand new and retails for $12.00 at Ace Hardware. I picked it up for $1.50.

We stopped in at Fresh & Low and Cooke's Hometown Grocer to pick up a few sale items. 

I went to Cooke's for their sale on Kraft cheddar cheese. They have this sale about every three months where you buy eight of a certain product and they take off $8.00 of your order. I picked up eight of the eight ounce blocks of cheese and ended up paying $1.49 each. 

Next stop was Fresh & Low, which is actually owned by Cooke's, and picked up some dried beans, sugar, bread, macaroni and cheese, and canned chili. 

The two pound bags of mixed beans were $2.01 each while the cranberry beans, a favorite of mine, were one pound bags for $1.36 each. These will make very frugal dinners of beans & cornbread served with a green vegetable. And beans are a great item to keep my blood sugar lower.  

I also picked up two boxes of the Best Choice Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese dinners. I picked one up about a month ago to try it and we liked them, so I decided to pick up two more boxes. 

These will make a good dinner on a night when I am too tired to cook after working all day. A can of chili stirred into the Mac & Cheese after it is cooked makes for a great addition. 

The Mac & Cheese was on sale for $1.25 and the chili for $1.19, which makes it a very frugal dinner. Of course I will add a vegetable when the times comes. 

We also went to McKay's Used books where I traded some books and received $5.76 in trade credit and bought two movies. One was The Long Walk Home for $1.95 and the other was volume 30 of The Heartland Series with Bill Landry for $6.95. 

How was your Saturday?

~ Living within my means in Southern Tennessee ~

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  1. You found some nice bargains!

  2. Good deals.....I don't think I've ever had cranberry beans but I do like yellow eye beans from Maine.

    1. Thank you, Sluggy. I love the yellow eye beans too, another one of my favorite. I like them better than black eyed peas. :)

  3. What great "finds". The beans were a good price. The Long Walk Home is a wonderful movie. I always enjoy watching it when it's on t.v. Have a terrific week Belinda.

    1. Thank you, Ellie. The Long Walk Home looks like a great movie, so glad that you thought it was too. I can't wait to watch it. I hope you have a great week too. :)

  4. We spent Saturday picking my ds up at school for spring break. Add filling the car up twice ( coming and going back home. Tolls on the PA turnpike, lunch and dinner out. It was an expensive Saturday. Priceless to see my child since h e is four hours away and haven't seen him since January.

    1. Definitely priceless, Cheryl. I would definitely be excited to make a trip like that to see my child too. I'm so glad you got to see him!

  5. You got some great deals how fun. We did not do any shopping.
    We are all stocked up. We did some cleaning out. We got all my material in plastic tubs and next to my sewing machine. I can now see all the wonderful fabric I have. Also organize sewing notions. Maybe this will encourage more sewing projects. Your kittys are so cute.
    Have a blessed week,

    1. Thank you, Patti. Your fabric sounds wonderful and how nicely you have it organized. I need to clean out a corner of my bedroom, but I have been putting it off. Maybe I will do it on Spring Break. I hope your clean out does encourage you to do more sewing projects. :) I hope you have a blessed week too. :)

  6. Spent much of the week re-considering BUDGET, thanks to this post. At times my brain refuses to shut down, day and night, about how easy it is to be wasteful.

    Five-cents for $22 Tupperware container. Wah Hoo! Terrific bargains all around. Typical Belinda.

    Years ago, my adult kiddos asked my Christmas desires. I requested that each give me $5 with which I would share with them how much gift value I derived from the cash. I had more fun than opening a gift.

    A couple of months ago, one of the kiddos came across name brand clothing such as Banana Republic in a thrift store. Original sales tags on items. For a $200 pullover, she paid $5. That was a good day at our mail box. :)

    I have been advised by one of my children to watch my mailbox. She is a presidential library/museum member who attends evenings with noted guest speakers. Often, a signed book is part of the cost of the evening, and a book signed by a First Lady soon will be in my mail box.

    Thanks for sharing about your bargains and ways you spend less. Love it-Love it-Love it.


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