Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday & This Past Week

Thinking back over the week I sit here feeling blessed. Even though I had been sick last weekend, I ended up working every day this week. Some days the call came late, but I worked all week. 

One day the class I was subbing for had no car riders, which meant I was able to leave on the bus bell. When I walked out of the school building, students from about three different busses pulled down the windows to say, "Ms. Richardson!" and wave to me, which is like music to my ears. 

One day I doubled up on two classes simultaneously and one day I worked half a day in the classroom and the other half in the office, which I loved because I was able to see so many students, parents, teachers and friends and had delightful conversations with many. At three o'clock on Friday I was tired, but it was a good tired. I love what I do even though it can be challenging some days.  :)

I spent part of last weekend making and packing snacks for my daughter to have in her bag at school in case she needed them. I made her more granola bars and packed those on Saturday. On Sunday I made her some popcorn on the stovetop and packed it into ziplock bags as well. 

Meals this week included...

Sunday Dinner
15 Bean Cajun Soup

This is always a huge hit here and was enough for Sunday dinner and lunch on Monday. 

Vegetable Soup

I started out this soup by sauteing onions in tomato juice. Then I added carrots, white, sweet, and red potatoes, canned tomatoes, frozen lima beans, frozen green beans, kidney beans, tomato sauce/salsa, frozen yellow peppers, macaroni (from my huge container) and several different spices like bay leaves, curry, salt, pepper, Hungarian paprika, smoked paprika, and celery seed. This made a large stock pot full of soup, which lasted for several days this week including lunches, which is what I took for Tuesday's lunch. 

I have this lunch time Crock Pot, which I bought from Amazon a few years ago. It works perfectly to bring to a teacher's room who has no microwave. I just fill the metal container, place inside, and then plug it in when I get to the teacher's room. I used it twice this past week. 


Again there was enough leftover to take for Wednesday's lunch. 

Egg Salad Sandwiches 

I was still feeling under the weather, so this was an easy dinner with plenty left for lunches. 

Chili Tacos

Bean & Cheese Enchiladas



This weekend I read "The Frugal Homebody" by Homespun Seasonal Living. It's a good blog post about staying home and not spending money. Just enjoying the things you have sort of like I was writing about last weekend. I like Kathie's style of writing and I think my readers will too, so if you get the chance go to her blog and read the article.  

Today I am cutting up strawberries because I was blessed with fifteen pounds yesterday. 

How is your weekend shaping up?
Live simply by not spending money you don't have.
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  1. Hi Belinda,
    It sounds like your week went very well! I have never seen that little crockpot before. How very clever! Your meals looked tasty, and easy to do on weekdays. Good job!
    Hope you have another great week!

    1. Thanks, Lili. I hope you have a great week too and a blessed Thanksgiving. :)


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