Saturday, October 10, 2015

Frugal Saturday

We made it to Saturday! Yay! :)

My week went well although Thursday was tough. I was at three different schools and subbed in three different classrooms that day. I was worn out by the end of the day. Students are on fall break next week, so no school here next week. We plan on staying home at least the first part of the week and not spending any money, but my daughter's 18th birthday is next Saturday, so we will definitely be doing something special then. 
Frugal Things I Did This Week include...

- I added 4,150 points to my Purina Rewards Program by entering the UPC codes off the bag of cat food that my cats finished this week. The program did make changes in the last year, but I still utilize it. For 60,000 points they will mail you a free bag of cat food. I have approximately 33,000 points right now. 

- I earned a free movie ticket on Recycle Bank. I used to use my points there for All You magazine, but they did away with that reward. So this time I put my points towards the free movie ticket. 

- I've been emailing companies to see if I can get coupons for their products. So far I have received coupons from Egglands Best, Bush Beans, and Tyson Foods. All you have to do is Google "email companies for coupons" and you will find several bloggers who have lists of companies you can email. 
From the sale ads this week...

Food City
Sugar 1.59 (coupon)
Vegetable Oil - 1 gallon - 4.49

Mueller’s Pasta B1G1F (coupon)
Classico B1G1F (coupon)
Club Crackers B1G1F (coupon)
Cabot Cheese 2 for $5.00 (coupon)

I bought four boxes of the pasta, only three are pictured because I made pasta salad for dinner on Friday night. I also bought four bags of sugar, but only three are pictured because I opened one to make cookies last night. 

Final prices paid for the Mueller's Pasta 40¢ each, Sugar $1.21 each, Classico $1.00 each, Club Crackers $1.20 each, and Cabot cheese $1.50 each. 

I went shopping on Wednesday since I was off and then was able to take cheese and crackers for lunch on Thursday and Friday, which was a nice break from a sandwich. 

Sad news for couponers in our area. Publix has stopped taking Target coupons. They told me it was because they weren't supposed to take them in the first place, but I know they take them in other areas of the country. I believe the real reason is that Bi-Lo sold out to Food City, which does not take competitor coupons. So with no competition in that field, there is no need for Publix to accept them now. 

This is unfortunate for me as that is how I was able to get so many good deals in the past. The Classico pasta sauce deal was definitely not as good for me this week for this reason. I ended up paying $1.00 per jar, so if I get the chance I will make a trip to Target and get it for 69¢.
Breakfast is good old fashioned oatmeal this morning along with some grape juice to ward off any illness. There is a stomach bug going around at several of the schools this week and I would like to avoid it like the plague. 

Dinner tonight will be the Country Style Pork Ribs I bought back in September. I put them in the crock pot early this morning along with some of that free barbeque sauce we "bought" this summer. I soaked some soup beans (Great Northern) overnight and will cook and serve those with the ribs. 

I thought about making barbeque beans with them, but that might be too much barbeque in one meal. My daughter isn't a big fan of barbeque, so I will just make them regular style today. 

I also have about four apples that need to be used up, so I will cook those in another crock pot for dinner as well. I already had the butter, brown sugar, and cinammon out for the oatmeal this morning, so that worked out well. I also peeled one pound of carrots and made those in the pressure cooker. 

I love days when I get to stay home and make really good meals for my family. Oftentimes I feel like our meals are quick and easy on days that I work, so I cherish days like today. 


In Conclusion,

My friend Sluggy has a giveaway going on over at her blog, Don't Read This; It's Boring. Be sure to visit her blog and join in on the fun.  :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)

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  1. Hi Belinda,
    This may sound like a dumb question, but what are "regular" style beans? How do you prepare and serve them? Thank you.

    Your week sounded very busy, but productive!
    Wishing you another great week!

    1. I should have said plain as I just cooked them with some water and salt, no seasonings like bbq or something similar. Turns out the meat and carrots were enogh and we didn't even eat many of the beans, so we will have them for Sunday dinner for sure. Thanks, Lili. I hope you have a great week too. :)

    2. cooked beans freeze really well-my version of convenience food.

    3. Thank you, Belinda. I've never thought to serve beans plain. Growing up, we only ate beans as pork and beans, refried beans, in chili, or in 3-bean salad. I'll try Great Northern beans, plain, sometime.

    4. You're welcome, Lili. They are delicious. You can also add some seasoning like bacon fat or vegetable oil, just a little bit is enough. Served with cornbread, they can make a meal all by themselves.

      Carol is right too about freezing them. Such a great money and timesaver.

  2. My daughter's birthday is next Saturday too. She will be 33:)

  3. Hope this posts and sorry so late to comment. Trouble with ISP and commenting but working at it. :) With fewer published coupons, links to coupons matter. Thanks.

    1. So glad to see you back posting, Anna. I was wondering where you were. Sorry to hear about your ISP troubles, I hope you can get them resolved quickly. We miss you here.

      The majority of my coupons come from

      I try to check in twice a week or so, but the person who can check in daily will get even more deals. :) Hope that helps.


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