Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday ~ 9-13-2015

Since we were able to buy cream cheese this past week I decided to make some  Tuna Pate today for lunches this week. This is one of our favorite tried and true recipes, but it had been a long time since I've made it because cream cheese has been close to $2.00 here for a long time. I would rather just do without than pay that price. 

I also decided to make some Ranch Dressing today since we were out and I had on the ingredients on hand to make some. 

I also cut up some honeydew melon that had finally ripened. And I cut up some carrots and potatoes to make for dinner today. We'll have these with some field peas and cornbread. 

And there was a bowl of scraps for the compost pile. 

Driveway Maintenance

Where we live we have to be able to do regular maintenance on our gravel driveway. We have hard rains here and live on a hill, so the water runs off and makes deep trenches in the driveway unless it is regularly maintained. My Dad used to take care of this for me, but moved to Illinois last year and I've not had anyone to help me with this until today.  

My BIL Jody and his friend George came over on Saturday to help me with this project. It looks so much better now and they even mowed the grass for me. This would have cost me a lot of money to pay someone to do this for me, but they did it for nothing, although I did give them money for the diesel they used.  

Here is a photo of George on the tractor.

As usual on Sundays, I've been getting ready for the work week ahead. 

How has your weekend been?

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  1. Tuna looks yummy for lunches. Nice deal on cream cheese. Bagels?
    Add a plate to the dinner table for the veggies and corn bread. Please. Family and friends are like peanut butter and jelly. Mix well for satisfying results. Happy for you to have that work done.

    1. Thank you, A. I am so glad to have the work done too; It was rough before they did that. Bagels sound good too, or cinammon raisin bread too. Yum. :) Hope you are having a good weekend.


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