Friday, July 3, 2015


We made it to Friday! :)

I hope all of you are doing well, staying dry and cool today. It is 74 degrees here in SE Tennessee because we've had a lot of rain this week to keep it cool. Pictured above is the Ocoee River, which is running hard today as a result of all the rain.

I woke up bright and early this morning and started cleaning in the kitchen. I can go to bed at night with a clean kitchen, but wake up in the morning and have it be a mess. That is what happens when you live with a teenager. lol

Afterwards, I started making dinner. I cut up onions, garlic, tomatoes, red and green bell peppers, and chopped them in my Chop Wizard. I love that little gadget, which we bought at a yard sale for $2.00. 

Afterwards I browned off half a pound of the ground beef I bought earlier in the week and went to making spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight. I found some parmesan cheese and even garlic bread in the freezer, so used both of those as well. 

If I can find them cheap enough, I will doctor up store bought sauce, which is what I did today. I used two jars of sauce, which I bought at UGO back in May. These were jars of Classico spaghetti sauce, which come in these really nice Atlas mason jars. I always keep jars to recycle or reuse and these are no exception. I always add a tiny bit of water to my jars and shake well to make sure I get all the sauce out of them and then add that to my stockpot as well. 

After everyone ate I still had plenty leftover for another meal or two, so I made sure to put them in the refrigerator for another day. I might place them in a 9 x 13 casserole dish and add a layer of mozzarella cheese for Baked Spaghetti for a completely new dish. 

What are you having for dinner today?

In other news...

I recently received a check in the mail from Inbox Dollars for $30.00. I just read the emails they send to me and don't do any of the surveys. It was an easy $30.00 for something that takes about 5 seconds of my time each day.  

I've been reading the frugal forums over at Homesteading Today. There are actually some real frugal tips over there, which are kind of hard to find in forums these days maybe because there are so many blogs on the subject now.  


I made a footstool for my daughter today. She has been wanting one like the one I have, which I bought at a yard sale. They are hard to come by at yard sales and the price of a new one in the furniture store is easily over $100. 

I recall one time reading where someone made their daughters beds out of new mailing boxes from the post office. I had a lot of these boxes since we were selling on Ebay during the last year. I've not been selling much on there this summer, so I took six of those boxes and taped them all together. 

Afterwards, I took an old pillow and took the cover off to find it was actually just batting folded up, so I unfolded it and cover the top of boxes with that. Then I took some black polka dotted fabric I had and covered the whole thing with that. It actually looks pretty good considering what it is made out of and didn't cost me anything since I used materials I already had on hand. And she is happy with it, which is what matters.  :)

Publix Run

Before the night was over, my daughter wanted to make a run to Publix to get in on a few coupon deals. Here is what we bought:

We bought four packages of spring water bottles (96 bottles), four bowls of guacamole, four jars of Vlasic pickles, almond milk, more Bandaids, four yogurts, four Frank's hot BBQ sauce, and after sales and coupons we paid a total of $5.78. She continues to amaze me with her couponing skills.  :)

I would take some pictures, but it is late and I'm tired. I will "see" you in the morning.  Good night, all. :)

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thyme2Bthrifty said...

Your savings continue. Good Times!

When I was a kid, home would not have been home without a footstool. Decades later, I sat on Mom's as I read a newspaper to her.

Lunch was main meal today when I had an open-faced flour tortilla with chopped beef, cooked and sliced onions, sliced lettuce, and chopped fresh tomatoes. Delicious.

What's happening in your veggie garden? -anna

Belinda said...

Your lunch sounds good, Anna.

We didn't plant a garden this summer and looking at the situation now, it's a good thing we didn't.

We had a big social change in our lives this past fall and we are still dealing with the fallout from that. Our plans are rather up in the air as a result from that and I'm not sure what the future holds, but for at least the next year we are staying put and trying to make the best of that for now. :)

Gill - That British Woman said...

would love to see a photo of the footstool you made?

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