Thursday, February 19, 2015


Pictured above is the binder where I keep all the important papers, receipts, and owner’s manuals to all the appliances, electronics, and other important items I have purchased over the years. Each product has its own plastic sleeve to keep everything together. Keeping them in one place is a good organizational plan, which makes it easy to locate them if needed for any reason. Here is the sleeve for the new freezer. 

No School Wednesday through Friday 

The weather has been snowy, icy, and extremely cold here, so school was called off for the rest of the week here. We are iced in, so no plans to go anywhere. I'm going to stay home and do things around the house. We will probably venture out on Saturday for my daughter's library duty, which means we will have spent the whole week at home and spent no money. :)


 This is my overabundance of oranges we've received lately. I have been eating them, but decided today to make some orange juice with them. When I was little, I used to love cutting a small circle in an orange and drinking the juice from it. Today I used my citrus reamer and made my own glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. It was so good and refreshing. 


I also had an overabundance of peppers, which were given to us as well recently. Today, I washed them and chopped them and placed them into freezer bags and put those in the new freezer. 

Tea Kettle

I love my new tea kettle that I received for Christmas. It will hold up to seven cups, so tonight I made all seven cups of hot water, which went to boiling in under two minutes, which is such a time saver. 

With that I made up some jello cups using my on sale mandarin oranges (39¢ each) and some Crash & Burn Jello packets (31¢ each). I ended up with seven orange jello cups, two lemon with fruit, one plain lemon, and a bowl of fruit with strawberry banana Jello. Afterwards I still had enough water to make a cup of hot chocolate. 


I also put a bag of Yellow Eyed Beans on to soak for Thursday night dinner. I'll serve this with some potatoes cooked in the oven, smoked sausage, and fresh green beans. 

What's for dinner at your house today?
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  1. Great tip on keeping appliance info in a plastic sleeve in a binder! I'll steal that one, once I have my next forever home. Loved seeing the yellow eye beans-they are hard to find up here and actually are more traditional for making baked beans. Much more bean variety down South;whenever I've travelled to SC to visit my parents/my now widowed Mother, I would stock up, often at local farms! Looking for cheap desserts/snacks, I've gone back to making individual Jello cups, which the kids are appreciating. Do you ever make stuffed peppers? I hollow out peppers (chop up the tops and freeze) and freeze these "pepper cups" as is and prepare them while still frozen, stuffing with meat/rice for example, and place the still frozen but now stuffed peppers in a crock pot, top with tomato sauce and let it go all day. Come out perfectly! Easy to work with as they are quite solidly frozen. HTH!

    1. I have made the stuffed peppers, but not frozen. I will have to try that as that would be a great time saver on a busy morning. I love the yellow eyed beans, so much more than the black eyed peas. I think they are my favorite although I do really like the October beans too. They are such a money saver in the kitchen. :)

  2. Our childhood orange juicing was the same and such fun. File my warranties and instructions as you do. Don't we wish that all of life were so easily organized?
    Your gift tea pot has proven its worth. Schools have been closed most of this week due to weather, so my hot cups of tea have been welcomed.

    1. We have had several cups of hot tea here this week too, which have really helped with this cold weather. We have two inches of snow here this morning and now I can hear sleet outside. Supposed to warm up though and melt by this afternoon. Time will tell for sure. :)

  3. How lovely the oranges and peppers look . You dd a great job n the kitchen this week saving
    money and making some frugal snacks.A while back you mentioned that if you could cut your own hair it would save a lot. We often do trims at home I can cut the front and my daughter trims the back . Just cut a little at a time. Lots of great you tube videos on cutting your own hair
    Love the binder.
    ps ask lots of questions when they are cutting your hair that helps too.

    1. Thank you. :) I hadn't thought of looking at Youtube videos for haircuts, I like that idea, thank you for the suggestion. My daughter and I were just talking this week about cutting our own hair. Definitely something we are going to look into, thanks. :)


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