Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

Hello to all my Frugal Workshop readers! :)

On Monday of this week, after working the last 23 school days I finally had a day off this week, and I needed it. For the last two weeks I've battled a case of Strep Throat and an eye infection that had left me drained. Three doctor visits and several medicines later I am feeling so much better. 

Today I am taking my car into the repair shop as my "Check Engine" light has been on this week. Hopefully it will not cost me a small fortune. Time will definitely tell. 

Here is what I've been listening to this early morning:

Amazing Grace: My Chains Are Gone 


The auto repair shop said my my radiator is cracked and I need a new idle solinode and a mass air flo sensor. Total for all the repairs will be $872.51. They have ordered the parts and they will be in next week. That does not include today's cost of $93.18 for an oil change and for the computer diagnostics test. Ouch! I didn't expect that at all. 

Afterwards I stopped at Home Depot for some jet spray wasp spray as the wasps have returned with the warm weather. Total cost of that was $3.88 for a two pack.  

Funny thing though, on Monday and Tuesday it was so cold here that it snowed. When we left school that day the mountain was covered. I don't know about you, but I am ready for warm weather to come and stay.  :)

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  1. Good Friday to you, Belinda!
    I'm sorry you've been under the weather, but glad you are on the mend now.
    Wishing you Easter blessings!
    (I love that version of Amazing Grace, too!)


    1. Thank you, Lili. Happy Easter to you and your family too. I just love that version and could listen to it all day. :)

  2. Belinda
    Sorry you've been ill. Stinks about the $1000 car repair-still cheaper than a new one, to be sure. Have a Happy Easter!
    Carol in CT

    1. Thank you, Carol. Exactly how I feel about a big car repair, and it is much better than making payments on one. :)

      Hope you all have a Happy Easter too.


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