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Help Feed Yourself Wartime Poster

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I don't know about you, but I love these old war time posters. I put this one into Google's Picasa and  zoomed it, so I could read the poster. I thought some of my readers would like to see what it says as well, so I've typed it up for you to enjoy. According to the Yale University Library, this poster was used from 1914 to 1946.
Help Feed Yourself

Make Back Yards and Vacant Lots Productive

Work a Garden – Raise Chickens

Grow Vegetables and Fruits

If your Soil is Fertile and Sunny

Don’t let your land loaf. Keep it working all seasons. Don’t assume that the season is too far advanced to begin garden operations. Some vegetables may be planted at practically any time until past the middle of summer. Start new crops between the rows of others that are soon to be removed. Begin over again in late summer and plant vegetables that mature best in cool weather, such as radishes, lettuce, spinach, kale. See that your garden toward fall is full of potatoes, beets, turnips, cabbage, and other staple foods that can be store for winter. Grow Lima and navy beans for harvest when ripe. 

Can or Preserve Surplus Perishables

Dry fruits and sweet corn and such other vegetables as may be preserved in this way. Can only the products that cannot be kept otherwise. Concentrate products so that each jar or can will hold as much food and as little water as possible. There is a shortage of containers. Don’t let one be wasted in your home. Empty spaces and similar materials from jars and fill them with food. Reserve regular tight-sealing containers for perishable vegetables, meat, and fish. Use wide-necked bottles with paraffin seals for putting up fruit and preserves: use glasses or crocks for jellies and jams. Use bottle and jugs for corked and seal with paraffin for fruit juices, catsups, and other liquid products. 

Keep a Flock of Hens

If Your Soil Is Not Suitable for Gardening

A small number of chickens can be kept in almost any back yard. They can be housed at small expense in piano boxes or other large packing crates. They can be fed to a large extent on table scraps and vegetable waste. Their eggs should make a substantial addition to the family food supply. Surplus ? from hatchings and old hens will take the place of a considerable quantity of purchased meat. Separate roosters from hens after the hatching season and produce infertile eggs. Such eggs are much more easily kept in good condition than fertile eggs preserve surplus fresh eggs in water glass or lime water. 
Somebody has to Raise or pack Everything you Eat

Do your Share!

Children Canned and saved these perishables for winter use

Make Every jar Help Feed Your Family

Can this year if you have never canned before. The conservation of food is a vital necessity under war conditions. No previous experience is necessary. Canning and preserving are simple procedures and may be carried out by children or adults with home utensils Put up more food than ever this year if you usually pack for winter use. Write today to the U.S. Department of Agriculture or your State agricultural college or ask your county agent for explicit directions for growing vegetables, for raising chickens, and for canning goods at home with the ordinary home utensils. 

Demonstrate Thrift In your home

Make Saving, Rather than Spending, your social standard

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C.

Cooperating with State Agricultural Colleges

© Belinda Richardson and Frugal Workshop, 2012.
“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without”


  1. Dear Belinda, in a time of crisis (2020 Corvid-19) we have much to learn from the simplicity and ways of the past. Thank you for the painstaking task of typing this article in it's entirety to share with us and I'm so very happy that I found it. I hope this note finds you safe and continuing on with Frugal Living! I am a new fan. Thank you! Debby

    1. Thank you, Debby. So far we are safe and sound and I hope that you are as well. Welcome to the Frugal Workshop. I'm so glad you found us here. :)


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