Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grocery Run

Listed below are the groceries I bought Monday and Tuesday after cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer on Monday after the power failure from the storm on Thursday.  

On Monday, I was overwhelmed at what I had to throw out and was very cautious when I went grocery shopping. I wanted to be able to replace several things we had lost (like mayonnaise), but not blow my entire budget for the month, so I was very careful. For example, rather than buy mayonnaise and tartar sauce, I am going to make Carol from CTonaBudget’s homemade tartar sauce and save myself $1.98 for a new bottle of tarter sauce. I also went with Kraft mayonnaise at $2.98 rather than my favorite brand, Hellman’s at $3.98, saving myself $1.00. I can wait for a sale on Hellman’s now.

This week I scoured the sale ads and checked and rechecked my coupons and made a menu plan based on sales. Here is what I ended up with:


5 pounds sugar - 2.98
Kraft Mayo - 2.98
Borden Cheese (3 lb. box) – 10.28
2 bottles black pepper - $1.00 each
1 box salt – 72¢
2 bags Tator Tots - 2.00 each
1 frozen apple juice – 1.18
1 frozen grape juice – 1.62
2 frozen pineapple juice – 1.56 each
1 frozen orange juice – 1.53
Oscar Meyer Bacon – 4.98 – free after coupon
(Received bacon coupon in the mail this week from Facebook promo)

Total:  $30.41


I went to IGA because of the sale on Oscar Meyer bologna, 10 (12 ounce packages for $10, which is $1.00 each and are normally $2.69), and found two unadvertised deals. 

One was a half quart of IGA orange juice marked down from $2.69 to 99¢.

The other unadvertised deal is unbelievable! They had quart jars of Delmonte mandarin oranges for 99¢, but when I looked behind the jars, they had boxes of 6 jars for $3.98, which made them 66¢ per jar! I was floored as these normally sell for $2.69 to $2.99 per jar. I bought four boxes and am a very happy camper today. 

Wheat Bread - 1.39
10 (12 oz.) packs Oscar Meyer Bologna – 10.00
Lettuce – 98¢
Orange Juice – 99¢
Mandarin Oranges - 15.92
Ground Beef - 5.30

Total:  $ 34.58

Food Lion

When you walk in Food Lion you can scan your store card and get coupons for that day. I got a coupon for $1.00 off Johnsonville Sausage. I always look at the products they give me coupons for to see if I can get a good deal. The meat department had a package of the sausage marked down to $3.49, so with my coupon it was $2.49, which is a good price for me. My reason for going to Food Lion was their sale on carrots, 2 pounds for 99¢, I bought ten pounds.  

Johnsonville Sausage - 2.49 after $1.00 coupon
Carrots – 10 pounds – 4.95
Sargento Cheddar Cheese – 1.95 after 55¢ coupon
Sour Cream – 48 ounce containers - 4.14

Total: $ 13.53


My reason for going to Bi-Lo was their great sale on Pork products this week. Pork Chops and Pork Sirloin Roasts were all on sale for $1.49 a pound. I can’t remember a week when I’ve bought so much meat. I already have pork chops cooking in the slow cooker for tonight’s dinner. 

2 pounds butter - $5.00
3.53 pounds Pork Chops – 5.26
2.44 lb. Sirloin Pork Roast – 3.64
2.48 lb. Sirloin Pork Roast – 3.70
2 Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage - $5.00
4 Oscar Meyer Beef Franks – 10.76 (B1G1F sale) ($2.69 each, a great price for beef)
Total: $ 33.36


I went to Aldi specifically to get the potatoes, which were a great deal. 

2 – 5 lb. bags baking potatoes – 99¢ each
2 – Hot dog buns – 79 cents each
1 gallon milk – 2.89
Total: $ 6.45

My total for the entire two day shopping trip was $ 118.33, and I feel like we have plenty of food in the house now to make many meals.

Have you scored any great deals lately?

© Belinda Richardson and Frugal Workshop, 2012.
“Use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without”


  1. Phenomenal shopping, Belinda! especially the jarred mandarins!! unheard of price! WTG! BTW-how'd you like the homemade version of tartar sauce? no offense if you still prefer the premade stuff! : )

  2. We really like it, Carol. I will definitely be making it again and saving the money. Thank you so much for the recipe. :)

    I was tickled with the price of the mandarins too. :)

  3. Now what to do with the $1.98 (plus tax?) saved? ; )

  4. Wow, great finds. I'm trying to stay out of stores for the rest of the month.

    Will you freeze some of the bologna? My daughter and husband love it fried (I do it without added oil because I figure it has enough fat) and served for breakfast or the odd sandwich.

  5. Thanks, Shara. I put two of the packs of bologna in the fridge and 8 of them in the freezer. They should last a long time that way. My daughter loves it fried too. A fried bologna sandwich for breakfast would be right up her alley. :)


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