Thursday, July 12, 2012


 I've been busy canning this week. Pictured above are my first two batches of tomatoes right out of the canner, which totals fourteen jars of tomatoes so far, and also the three jars of pineapple zucchini in my last post. I still have plenty more in various stages of ripening to can:

 Every summer I am reminded of how much I love canning when I see the finished product. It can be a lot of work, but the end result is worth it to me. From the sounds of recent news articles it looks like prices for groceries are going to be even higher in the future. Therefore, I think it is very important to keep some of our household savings in the form of food. Every little bit I can do towards this will help me get me one step closer to that goal. 

What are you canning in your Frugal Kitchen this summer?

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  1. Looks wonderful! I have tomato envy! Up North, we are getting greens, scallions, herbs with squash MAYBE arriving next week or so at the farm. Eventually (usually Aug-Sept) I will be putting up my CSA organic heirloom tomatoes for the new year. I, too, am increasingly nervous about predictions of food shortages, increases in costs due to weather/drought. Wise to prepare ahead if possible. I did freeze a bag of Kohlrabi greens and chopped rhubarb already-so I suppose that officially, I have started putting up for the new year!

  2. Yes you have, Carol. I noticed last year that our tomatoes came in July and I was busying canning and yours came in Aug-Sept, by the time you were starting I was finishing up, which I'm sure is because we live in different places.

    The drought across the nation has caused corn to be non-existent in some places like southern Illinois. I read in the news yesterday that Farmers are plowing their corn fields under due to the ears not producing and corn due to a lack of rain. That could mean higher prices for so many things like gas, beef, and other things. We will do well to take heed now and store up what we can.

  3. This looks so good! I'll definitely be canning tomatoes (and making salsa). Perhaps some beets and some pickles for friends. If there are lots of green tomatoes at the end of the season, I'll pickle them. And I might try my hand at herb jellies this year, as well as hot pepper jelly.

  4. That all sounds good, Pam. The hot pepper jelly is good on top of cream cheese. I would love to do some beets this year too. time will tell. :)


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