Thursday, August 28, 2014

WFD Thursday

My plans were to work half a day today, but I was called this morning to work the morning as well, so I got a full day in at work today, which makes me happy. 

After school I had to take my Mom to the doctor to get her INR test. She filled up my gas tank for me in the town where her doctor is located because gas is cheaper there. The tank full cost $33.50. The price of gas has been coming down here recently and was actually $2.99 per gallon last weekend. Yesterday, it was back up to $3.02 per gallon. When we got back to the town where we live I took note of the price, $3.12 per gallon. So, we saved $1.20 by filling up there instead of here. 

Mom also bought dinner for us as well. We had Chicken Strips, biscuits, Cole slaw, potato salad, mashed potatoes with gravy and mac and cheese. Lots of carbs, but it was good.  :)

So far I do not have any work planned for Friday, which is highly unusual on a three day weekend. Several of the teachers were teasing me that I would end up working tomorrow. lol

If not, I am planning on getting some groceries as we are running low on several things. 

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  1. Belinda, your chicken dinner sounds like delicious comfort food. I'm salivating, here! Enjoy the long weekend!

    1. Thanks, Lili. The chicken dinner was good and we had enough for Friday night's dinner as well. Hope you are doing well and enjoy your three day weekend as well. :)


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