Friday, October 16, 2015

Pumpkin Shortage

Libby's is reporting that you should not wait until Thanksgiving to buy canned pumpkin this year because there may not be any due to low pumpkin yields this summer. So, if you are wanting any pumpkin this winter be sure to buy it now. I bought three cans of pumpkin to have on hand. 

We went to town yesterday to do some grocery shopping. Here are a few things we picked up...

The new Food City seems to have lower prices than Bi-Lo had, so even though they do not double coupons, I think we will see some good sales there. For example, they had cream cheese on sale again for 99¢, so I bought five more to have on hand even though I still have some from the last sale. 

They had my very favorite Luck's beans on sale for 50¢ a can with a limit of twelve, which is a great stock up price. And even though I already have chili beans on hand, I bought twelve more for my pantry.  

They had Starkist Pink Salmon on sale for $1.49 a can, another great stock up price. I bought six cans for my pantry. 

I also bought some more supplies for my pantry that we used up over the summer. Baking cocoa, salt, pepper, vinegar, dried onions, baking soda, baking powder, chicken bouillon cubes, and shortening. 

We also stopped at Publix. They sell the Eggland's Best eggs for $3.29 per dozen. I used the two coupons Eggland's sent me for 50¢ off, which doubled at Publix, so I paid $2.29 for each of these. It's nice to have eggs in the house again. 

Publix also has Pam cooking spray on sale for B1G1F this week. The last time they offered this on sale was about six months ago, so I bought six cans, which were $1.45 each after the sale. 

Combining a sale with a coupon, we paid 60¢ each for these Peter Pan peanut butters. I also bought Pillsbury biscuits for 50¢ each combining a sale with a coupon, and Duke's mayonnaise B1G1F for $1.94.We've been using a lot of mayonnaise lately since everyone loves the homemade ranch dressing I've been making. 

Since I bought baking supplies yesterday, my daughter made some unicorn cookies last night. They were delicious.  :)

Today is the last day of our fall break. We were able to accomplish several things on our to do list, which makes me so happy.  The cooler weather makes it so much easier to get things done. I hope you have had a great week and enjoy your weekend. 

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  1. Pumpkins did poorly in my own garden this year. I have 3 small ones. And 1 can of pumpkin left over from last year. Canned pumpkin is on sale at one of my local stores for $1.25/15 oz can.

    You found some really great deals, and used your coupons well!

    I was able to buy eggs again a week ago, and am so happy for it. Although, I'm still trying to use my eggs judiciously. If I can make something without the eggs, I'm opting for that, and saving the eggs for egg-based dishes.

    Enjoy your Friday!

    1. Thanks, Lili. I hope you enjoy your Friday too.

      I've been saving my eggs too, using 1 or 2 instead of 3 in a cake recipe for example. I need to make a cake today now that I think about it.

      I don't use much canned pumpkin, but wanted to have it on hand just in case. :)

    2. That's right, your daughter's birthday. Happy birthday to her!!
      I guess no angel-food cakes on either of our menus! LOL! I needed to bake cookies for church this week, and I chose gingerbread cut-outs, as that recipe doesn't take eggs. When I made bean burgers, this week, I used flax meal as a binder, in place of an egg. I'll have a birthday cake to bake later next month, and I'll use a 1-egg cake recipe that we're happy with. But I do love my scrambled eggs, for morning protein. That's a hard one for me to give up.

    3. Thank you, Lili. Yep, no angel food cake here. lol

      Good idea to use a cookie recipe that doesn't require eggs. I wouldn't have thought of that. Oh my, I love scrambled eggs too. There is just something so filling about them. When I am really hungry that is what I want. I love them. :)


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