Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Make onion soup mix from scratch

 Will this be a money saver in your frugal kitchen?

 Make onion soup mix from scratch

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  1. Hi Belinda!!
    I found you through the CTonabudget blog.

    IIRC, you, Carol, and I used to post on the old AOL KF boards.

    I've been lurking a bit and just wanted to say "hi" and to thank you for this recipe. I've been searching for one without success. One of my kiddos has a life-threatening allergy to soy and so most of the store-bought mixes are unsafe for him as they contain soy. I can certainly make gravies and sauces from scratch, but mixes like these can be real timesavers.

    Thank you again for the recipe, and thanks for the blog!! Lots of good stuff here!!


  2. It's so great to see you again. I loved the old KF board. Those were the best boards, nothing today seems to compare to those boards. I'm so glad you were able to find this recipe and use it. I agree, mixes can be timesavers. I make my taco seasoning mix in batches and then put them in small containers so I don't have to mix it every time. Sure saves time. So great to see you again!


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