Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Affordable Hair Cuts

I currently have in my possession, three five dollar gift cards from Great Clips. They were given to me when I took my Mom, daughter and myself to get haircuts a couple of months ago. 

They were having a grand opening sale and haircuts were priced at $4.99. I paid for three haircuts and received three gift cards, therefore it was like receiving those haircuts for free. 

I also have a postcard they sent in the mail for a haircut for $6.99. The postcard expired on January 26th, but with all the bad weather I just haven't been able to get out for a haircut. 

Today my daughter and I went and finally got our overdue haircuts and used a couple of these rewards.

I asked the cashier if we could still use the postcard and she said yes. Yay! She also let us use one of the $5.00 gift cards.

Haircuts at Great Clips have went up to $12.oo each now. 

Haircut #1 was $12.00 minus the $5.00 card, $7.00. 

Haircut #2 was $6.99.

Total for both haircuts was $13.99 plus tip. 

Make sure to sign up for the mailing list on the Great Clips website and like them on Facebook to get in on these good deals. Right now they are selling future haircuts for $9.00 each. They usually do this every February. You can buy as many haircuts as you want and they put them all on a card and you keep the card all year long and use as needed. 

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